Chat with me, 2nd edition


It’s 2018 . I thought I would start the year with a good old chatty blog post, since I feel those allow me to talk in a more general manner about makeup, and myself while we’re at it.
Usually people come up with resolutions for the new year, and while I’m pretty bad at keeping said resolutions, I wondered if this couldn’t be applied to makeup as well.For 2018 I feel like I’m moving towards a quality vs quantity kind of approach to makeup. What I mean about that is that I’m kinda feeling exhausted from amassing a shit ton of makeup, makeup that I rarely use too. Instead of having X amount of nude lipsticks, I’d rather have one perfect nude shade of lipstick that would work for me on an everyday basis, even if it’s more expensive. And oh boy that is no easy task, to find the perfect nude lip shade, and in my preferred formula which is usually creamy, up to semi matte.

Skin wise, I’m still looking for the products that can work for me. While I’m at it, I wanna do a quick skincare update, from my last skincare haul. While I think the facial cleanser has helped my skin by making the pores look smaller, I’m not quite sold on the daily moisturizer. I find that it doesn’t do a good job on the dry patches I have on my chin and nose. Now of course those look way worse in winter, but compared to the previous cream I used it just doesn’t do that good of a job. The Freeman mask doesn’t do something tremendous I would say, at first I thought it helped with my pores but I haven’t been using it lately, and I don’t see a lot of difference honestly.
So overall I’m still looking for a good moisturizing cream.Which is driving me a bit crazy, since I’ve tried so many and still haven’t found THE ONE.Maybe I need to dive into the face oils, like Argan oil, or Marula oil. Maybe they can add that extra boost that my skin needs right now. And overall I think I’d rather have it looked at a professional, to get a full review of skin if you will.

Makeup can be a rather personal thing. What you may like might not be what others like, or even be in accordance with the current trends. So while I was watching yet another makeup tutorial, I started reflecting about how I do my makeup, compared to what is the major trend right now.And whether I should try to change the way I do it a bit.

Now I’m in no way a professional, in fact I quite suck at applying makeup, but I think there’s a few things that I want to achieve with makeup.

Foundation wise, I’m switching between a no foundation look, and a more heavy duty look, especially when I want to do a full face of makeup. The mineral powder has been helping tremendously, since it just evens out my skin a bit, while I still use my trusty Maybelline concealer to cover any potential blemishes or scars.
However I do think that my Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation is breaking me out a little, so I’m still thinking about getting a high coverage foundation, maybe Rimmel’s longlasting foundation since it’s so good.

In terms of eyeshadows, I like to experiment, as you prolly realized by now considering how many eyeshadow palettes I own. But I find that not all looks look good on me. I think there’s a huge difference between what you see beauty gurus wearing, and what it looks like in real life. Add to that that some looks that can be heavy on the eyes are definitely not wearable in day time.
While I think I’m pretty much set in terms of color selections, I’m still interested in trying new colors. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards cool toned eyeshadows. Blues, greens, violets, and speaking of that, Ultra violet is Pantone’s color of the Year. I LOVE purples, especially as a lipstick color, so I’m definitely gonna have fun using purple/violet makeup this year.
While it’s very likely I will still buy more palettes in the future, even though I believe I’m set for a while, I’m also interested in reviewing some of the older palettes that I own, and decide whether they were worth getting at all. I feel like it is better to get rid of things that you don’t use anymore, and maybe even refrain from buying new stuff, as part of the Konmari method. I’ve been interested in that recently, and I feel that you definitely don’t need tons of makeup that just sits there gathering dust.

I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner, if not at all, but this year I’m trying to foce myself to use it. Especially liquid eyeliner.I wear glasses too, so I could use having more definition on my eyes.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t ever contour or bronze for that matter. I use bronzer more like a blush actually,and I skip on blush basically. And I rarely do use it. So I’m interested in trying that out more actually, to use bronzer or even a contour shade just to see if it can add something to my makeup routine. I definitely am not on the contouring hype train as it stands. And I think it’s fine.
As I said before, makeup is very personal, so it’s perfectly alright not to follow every trend or every rule out there. You just have to figure out what works best for you, and what you think you’re most comfortable with.

Those are the things that I think I could change a bit in 2018.
Hope you liked this, and that you had a good start for the new year. Let me know some of your makeup resolutions for 2018.


Drugstore Makeup haul 2


Hello there!
Hope you had a great weekend and a happy holiday!

Today I want to share with you some of the items I hauled, and this time it’s makeup.

First item on the list is the Benecos mineral powder. I’m new to mineral powders, and to this brand too which I believe is natural makeup. I got it since lately I haven’t been feeling like wearing foundation, it just feels too heavy. So I was on the hunt for a good foundation powder that just adds a bit of coverage, to even my skintone basically. And I have to say that this one does the job. It adds just a bit of coverage, and it’s exactly what I was looking for, plus it’s made of natural ingredients.It is rather messy since the powder gets everywhere, but given the quality and the price it’s totally worth it.
It makes my face look pretty matte at first, but I find that as I wear it it does get a bit more shiny, since my oils come through or something. And I actually been liking that lately. Sure I don’t like looking like a grease ball, but since I don’t wear makeup all day, I find that having a bit of shine after 3-4 hours is perfectly fine.

From the same brand I also got to try their khol pencil in the shade black. It’s a pencil that can be sharpened unfortunately, but so far this doesn’t like it will would break too much which is something I have experienced before with other brands…The color is really black which I like, and the staying power is good. Overall pretty decent product, I’m impressed.

As I explained in my previous post, I also got an eyeshadow palette. I admit I have a bit of a problem at this point, I can’t go a month or two without getting a new eyeshadow palette, and once again it’s from MUR. It’s their Flawless 4 palette, which is a rather warm eyeshadow palette. The full review will come some time in 2018.

Last but not least, I got a new lipstick, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’m a real lipstick addict. This time it’s the Grand Rouge from Yves Rocher. The Yves Rocher lipsticks are some of my favorites, they have some pretty interesting shades that can be quite unique and subtle, which I appreciate a lot and their formula is quite moisturizing.The shade I got is 119 in their Grand Rouge line, which I would describe as the perfect red lipstick shade, not too warm not too cold.It’s more of a classic red lipstick shade. What I like about it is that it’s a bit subdued, since I do find that reds aren’t wearable on me. They look way too flashy on me, or I’m just not daring enough. I’m simply in love with this lipstick shade,and I think I’m fully ready to embrace red lipstick, granted when I find a shade that looks good on me.

So that’s about it. And with this this is the final blog post of 2017. See you in 2018 with hopefully more products to review!

Happy New Year!


Makeup Revolution :Fortune favours the Brave by British Beauty blogger review

Hello makeup junkies!

Today I’ll be reviewing another palette from Makeup Revolution. By now it should be obvious that I’m in love with this brand, now that it’s finally available where I live (YAAAS).

I was eyeing this beauty even before I got my hands on the Flawless matte 2 palette, which I like quite a lot .But at the time it wasn’t available, but even so I would have definitely gotten the Flawless palette, simply because I love mattes. The Fortune favours the Brave is simply a gorgeous palette, with beautiful shimmers and mattes, and some baked shadows too. The color selection is simply to die for, and as a result I find that this is quite a versatile palette that you can use to create different looks, both daytime and night time appropriate.

As you prolly know by now, my preferrence goes for matte eyeshadows, but an all matte look can get boring pretty fast.So I was looking for a shimmery palette that I could use to add some pops of shimmer.

This palette comes in a gold packaging, which is very fitting since this whole palette revolves around gold/coppery shades, which fits the whole fortune theme. I do find that it can look a bit cheap with the matte plastic, unlike the other palettes that still use plastic, but have that shiny look to them and rose gold lettering that just make it look a bit more luxurious. Same as the other palette this comes with a big mirror, and overall this is a great size for travelling. It’s not too bulky or anything.

Unlike last time, I was fully prepared for the pans to be tiny, and indeed they are, but you get some 30 shades with different finishes. Shade wise you get a big variety of shades that range from natural everyday shades to some beautiful golds, bronzes and coppers which appealed to me the most. But you also get some khaki eyeshadows, which are definitely something unique and I simply love green eyeshadows. You get also some blue eyeshadows, a real black, some plummy burgundy shades, violets and in a variety of finishes that is sure to suit most of your needs.

Because of that I feel like you can come up with a lot of color combinations and looks ranging from a natural look, to a more golden one, or even some fall looks using the khaki or violets/ plums, depending on your needs or mood.
I think this palette would particularily work for the holiday period, since it has pretty much all the trendy colors used in holiday looks like golds and coppers.

My only gripe about it is that maybe some shades look a bit too similar, especially the shimmery golds. This palette has 3 and they are pretty close in terms of tone, but not so much in terms of intensity. And I would have liked for example to have a more yellow gold that I think can look more subtle than an orange gold.

However the quality of the shadows themselves is up there. They’re very creamy in texture and translate well on the lids, but also they blend rather well. Same for the mattes, although it feels like some shades like the peach or the champagne aren’t that pigmented, or simply too dry. But you can build them up. So imo it’s all around a good formula, especially for the shimmers. This is my first time playing with baked eyeshadows, which from what I understand you can use wet or dry. I feel like you get more pigmentation when you use them wet, and I’m not entirely sold on the baked eyeshadows yet.

I did experience fallout with some shimmers, so it’s prolly better to start with the eyes first when using the shimmery/baked shades, and then wipe off the glittery fallout.

So I think this is a great palette, a very versatile one if you’re looking to play with makeup and try some new shades that are out of your comfort zone, but you can definitely create wearable looks with them. The quality is up there, and it even feels at times that the mattes here are better than in the Flawless 2 palette (Latte is such a good matte) . But mostly I think this is a good bang for your buck palette, especially if you’re a beginner or on a budget. I wish I had this palette when I first got into makeup.

…But will the quest for getting all the makeup ever end? The answer is no, and I already have another palette to review, so stay tunned for that.

Happy Holidays.


Skincare products haul part 1


Hey guys.

I thought I’d share my thoughts about some of the stuff I hauled the other day.This isn’t make up per say, but it’s just as important, if not more.

Skincare is very important, I think we can all agree about that. While I still haven’t figured out what works best for my skin, I think it’s important to try new products every now and then.

Sadly I didn’t always take good care of my skin. And for most of my life I had been blessed with good skin, that is of course before I got hormonal acne. And because I wear make up now, there is even more of an urge for me to take care of my skin.

My skin is pretty difficult to take care of, it’s combo and we’ve already established that I have acne. I also think it’s sensitive, since I had a bunch of allergic reactions to certain products. So with that in mind it is kinda hard to find a product that takes care of all that.

The first product that I hauled a month ago or so is the Garnier micellar water for sensitive skin. I had the one for combo skin and it worked fine. This one I feel is pretty similar, and in fact doesn’t burn as much on the eyes, because yes I have sensitive eyes as well.

Next is the Freeman Sweet tea and lemon peel away mask. I got this one because I wanted something to clean my pores.While I can’t say it does much to clean my pores, my skin feels much smoother afterwards.

I also was on the hunt for a good face cleanser, and I was rather surprised by the SVR physiopure gelée moussante .Its has some pretty good claims, it is for sensitive skin, but it’s also paraben free, alcohol free, soap free, colorant free. It really feels cooling on the skin, and makes the skin feel really smooth and it doesn’t tug at all afterwards.It is rather mild, which might not be the best for everyone, but you can always do a double cleanse and you really need a tiny amount of product. I think of all the products that I got this is the one I like the most, and it comes in a big tube too.

And finally I needed a good moisturizing cream. That on itself is a nightmare, since for a while now I have some pretty dry patches on the chin, and the nose. And the last cream I had from Ducray was a bit too greasy.So I went for the Bioderma Atoderm ultra nourishing cream for sensitive skin. I don’t think it does soething outstanding for my skin, or maybe I need to try it for a bit longer. It is a good cream, and more importantly it doesn’t feel greasy. Ultimately I think that for my needs I should prolly look more for a night cream that can be quite heavy. I have my eyes set of the Nuxe crème Prodigieuse. But I’ll have to wait a bit till I get that one, since I think I just reached my budget for skincare.

Dunno if it counts as skincare, but I finally got to try the Carmex lip balm. My lips can get pretty dry during the cold, so naturally I had to look for a good lip balm. I find that this does moisturize my lips, and gets rid of all the dead skin. Even though I was freaked out at first by the tingling sensation, since as it turns out this does contain menthol. I thought I was having an allergic reaction :/. Overall I would say it’s a good product, but I think I still prefer the Nuxe lip balm that also comes in a jar. It is thicker, and it feels more like a sleeping mask . Also the La Roche posay cicaplast lip balm is a great lip balm that you can reapply during the day, and I just think it’s more practical for a similar result.

That’s it for now.Also I apologize if these products aren’t easily available everywhere, but those are the ones available to me since our market consists mostly of French or European imported brands. And it goes without saying that I don’t have access to a lot of American brands.But I still thought it was worth sharing this info since those products might work for you, and you might be able to find them online or something. 🙂


Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation review

catrice hd
It’s finally here. The much awaited (is it?) review of the Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation.

I wanted to take my time with this one, and try it a number of times before giving my final thoughts since
A- I feel it is necessary to do that with foundations since they can perform differently depending on how you applied it.
and B- As it turns out I don’t wear a whole lot of foundation, or makeup for that matter on a daily basis.

I guess I’m a bit more of a casual when it comes to makeup. So without further ado here are my thoughts.

This foundation got a lot of attention since it is arguably one of the most liked foundations at the drugstore, but also because of it being a dupe to the new Fenty foundation. If you watch Stephanie Nicole’s review of the Fenty one, they both have a similar formula.
I personally got it after watching Thataylaa’s review of it during 15 days of foundation, since I was on the hunt for a good high coverage foundation at the drugstore.

I got the shade Sand Beige, which is the second lightest shade , which usually works out for me.But not this time. It is a tad too dark for me. It is the right undertone though, since it has a yellow undertone, while the lightest shade, Light beige is definitely more pink.
The thing is when I swatched both in store, on my hand and my face, Sand beige was a perfect match. But by the time I made it back home, it had darkened quite significantly.
This is prolly the same as with the Fenty foundation, it darkens as it dries down, which is definitely bad news since unlike that one, the Catrice foundation only has 4 shades. So quite a few people are excluded from their range.
Even I cannot wear it without bringing it down all over my neck.
That is the biggest flaw with this foundation imo.

Other than that, this foundation is as it turns out quite matte, which is one of its main selling points, at least for me. I have combo skin with acne, and I find that most foundations get oily on me throughout the day, hence why I picked up this one. But the biggest selling point imo is the fact that it’s full coverage, which is such a good thing.

Had I had this foundation when my skin was badly breaking out it would have been a life saver. I find that the claim is mostly true, it is high coverage, and you can definitely build it up without it caking.

However you do have to find a good way to apply it. When I just got it I used it with the Real Techniques buffing brush, and I found it emphasized my texture on my cheeks which never happens with other foundations. I used it with and without a primer (the ELF mineral one+ the Catrice smooth and refine) and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Finally I used it with a sponge….and I think I’m in love.
The sponge just makes it look more airbrushed, and doesn’t emphasize texture.Since this is a matte foundation, I see no point in setting it with powder, and it doesn’t transfer. Nor do I want to use a setting spray either, since it just makes it look more dewy, which imo takes away from the blurring effect that the foundation has on its own.

So I find myself using it on its own, without a primer, and I even took on Wayne Goss’ advice and used it without a moisturizer underneath, and I feel it applies better and didn’t move around and doesn’t get oily.

I also didn’t find that the foundation broke me out, which is a huge concern for me with drugstore foundations and with Catrice in particular. Their BB cream did break me out, but so far so good.

So would I recommand this foundation? Sure if you can fit in its pathetic range of shades. I hope they add new shades since this is such a good drugstore foundation, one that might even be better than high end ones, and for such a reasonable price too.

I think I will try to mix it with other foundations I own, like the Coverall foundation from WnW, and a P2 foundation that is more glowy, to add some dew on days I don’t want to look too matte. But I overall really do like this foundation.

More reviews coming your way.


Quick chit chat


So here’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and that I feel is needed at this point.
Better late than never I suppose.

I thought I would talk about myself and what this blog is about. But first I would like to thank all the people who follow this blog. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff, and we all know how valuable time can be.

So grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and get to know me better.XD

As I mentioned in my intro, I’m a 28 year old girl from Morocco, who is obsessed with makeup. I have other interests of course, including art, interior design, and overall I’m a bit of a nerd.
I discovered makeup a few years ago, and it has helped me tremendously, even if it borders on the obsession at this point. I touched upon this briefly in one of my first blog posts, but I got acne in my twenties, and makeup helped me deal with the stigma that comes with having acne. I never had acne when I was a teen, so it really took me off guard since I didn’t know that adults could have it. And while my skin is doing much better now, I’m still very glad that I delved into this wonderful world that is makeup.

Initially makeup was a necessity for me, since I simply couldn’t go out without it, and I really got depressed in the early stages of my acne voyage. You could say it had a very positive effect on my psyche, not having to worry about people staring at my pimples and cystic acne sure felt good. Even though I still get stares, but for the opposite reason now lol.

Nowadays makeup is less of a necessity and more of a way to express myself. I have an artistic background, so of course I would find a way to express my creativity through makeup . Even though I’m nowhere near being a professional makeup artist. I just like makeup, and more importantly playing with makeup, so often if I’m bored or just got some new makeup product to try, I just sit in front of my mirror and try different looks.It is rather satisfying to find new ways to use your makeup products, new color combinations etc.

So my love for makeup still goes very strong, and I even decided to make an entire blog about it XD I’m not new to blogs, I had a few over the years, but I’m finally at this stage where I feel I can talk about makeup without sounding too silly.

Makeup is more widespread now, due to internet and sites like Youtube or beauty blogs that give you a lot of insight about different products. Because I live in a country where there is no Sephora,Ulta or just a store that specializes in makeup , it is rather daunting to get your hands on products that are often raved about online. But for the last couple of years or so I’ve seen a real explosion in sites that are specializing in that market over here, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s a booming industry, and one that weights a lot. So naturally places all over the world would eventually caught up, all thanks to internet which has created a worldwide awareness about makeup and beauty products.

Anyway those are just some tidbits about myself, and I hope that I can share more with you in the future.I’m also trying to post more often, since I feel like it really helps me to put my thoughts down about products I just bought or old ones for that matter. Also feel free to ask me anything in the comments. I love interacting with people who share my love for makeup.;)


My favorite lipsticks

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Here’s something I decided to make on the spurr of the moment.
I was looking at some old lipstick tubes and deciding whether I should get rid of them or not, and I figured I would go through all my lipsticks and figure out which ones are my favourite.
I’m a bit addicted to lipsticks, and I have quite a few (send help) so there’s a few shades and lipstick lines that to me are essential and I end up wearing more than others.

The first ones that are pretty much my go to are lipsticks from the Catrice Ultimate Colour line. I own 3 of these atm, 4 if we count the one I gave to my sister.
This line is pretty damn good, especially for the price. It’s mostly creamy lipsticks, and now that I think about it the ones I own are all creamy because I just like a comfortable lip. They have a nice sweet scent that isn’t overpowering like the L’oreal one, and I find that the pigmentation is pretty decent, although since it’s a creamy formula the darker shades can look a bit patchy.But the nudes are simply fantastic.
The shades that I own are Hey Nude, Natural beauty (that I gave away because I didn’t find it complimented my skin tone and made me look like a zombie), In a Rosegarden, and finally Legend Berry. The latter is a very dark berry shade that can look a bit patchy I find, and I don’t know if dark shades work that well in a creamy formula( just my own preference).
For the other shades they’re simply perfect, Hey nude is a light rosey nude which while still very light, can look very nice on the lips. In a Rosegarden is more of a rosewood type of color with some very small gold/copper flex, that translates as a much deeper nude on my lips than Hey Nude, and one thing that I do is mix both shades, and it gives the most gorgeous mid tone nude, with a slight peach tint to it.

Next is prolly one of the very first lipsticks I acquired, the Grand Rouge from Yves Rocher, in the shade Mauve Subtil. I actually got it as a gift for my birthday on the Yves Rocher store. When I arrived home I was actually bummed because I wanted the red shade (you can choose the color you want) but somehow ended up with Mauve Subtil , which is less of a mauve, and more of a prune color to me.And I gotta say it’s a good thing I got this shade , because it’s simply gorgeous. It’s a creamy lipstick of course, which is kinda sheer but the colour is so unique, and it even has a bit of a metallic sheen to it. It’s really such a unique color and a pretty decent formula that lasts a few hours.This color is the reason why I love purple lipsticks. I love it so much that I almost ran out of it, and the tube and bullet have seen better days. Unfortunately this line has been discontinued, and I have to check out the Yves Rocher store to see if there’s a colour match in the new Grand Rouge line (like literally why they do that?)since I’m about to run out of it.:/

Another lipstick I quite liked from Yves Rocher but I don’t own anymore is from another discontinued line of theirs, the Rouge Creme Hydratant, in the shade Rose Centifolia. This is literally the first lipstick I ever owned, and I just picked it on a whim some 10 years ago, without giving it much thought. But the color itself is very nice, it’s a dark rosewood/berry shade that I simply just think is perfect.And I wish I still had it. The formula doesn’t last very long though, and it’s very sheer even more so than the Grand Rouge, but again with Yves Rocher they have some pretty unique colors and undertones. I also got another one called Rose Damas which is a shade lighter, and a typical rosewood, but it didn’t come close to Rose Centifolia so I also gave it away.

Lately I’ve really been into the Wet n Wild Megalast line, and quite frankly these have to be my favourite lipsticks atm. The formula is nice for a semi matte, it can be quite creamy even though it does dry my lips unlike a real creamy lipstick. But they’re so damn affordable, and the colors are gorgeous. I own 4 shades atm, 5 if I count one I had and threw away because it made my lips tingle for some reason ( Think Pink) and plan on getting more. The shades I currently have are Bare it all, Sandstorm, Rosebud, and Cherry Picking. And out of all of them my favorite would be Bare it all since it’s such an easy neutral nude lip that you can throw in a hurry…but also Cherry Picking. It’s an interesting magenta like color, which is something I usually not pick up. While it does stain my lips (sometimes for days) I found a pretty interesting combo where I would use it in conjunction with Mauve Subtil, and for some reason it ends up looking like Sugar Plum Fairy from the same line.So works for that too I guess.

Lastly not sure if these count as lipsticks, but I really like the longlasting lipliners from the Catrice/Essence lines. Mainly I like the Catrice Lost in the Rosewood lipliner, which lately I’ve been using in conjuction with a lip balm from Yves Rocher (the Cherry one) to get a berry kind of shade on days I don’t want to wear a traditional lipstick but still want some color on my lips. But also Essense’s Longlasting lipliner Ready for Red, which is a gorgeous blue red shade. Both lipliners are pretty cheap and good quality too, and I feel if you want to rock a matte lip then the best way to go is with a lipliner.

And an honorable mention to the L’oreal Color riche palette in Nude, for just a quick and easy nude lip color which is something I enjoy a lot.


Make up Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow palette- Flawless Matte 2 review

Hello everyone. I’m back with a new review.

This time it’s a MUR palette. More specifically, the 32 eyeshadow palette titled Flawless Matte 2.

As the name suggests it is an all Matte eyeshadow palette.I prefer matte shadows in general, I have hooded eyes and shimmery shadows tend to get everywhere on my eyes. And they’re less useful imo since you can’t really put them into your crease (well you can it’s just not ideal).

And I daresay it is the first eyeshadow palette from MUR that I got my hands on some 3 months ago. So the expectations were rather high since I heard a lot of positive feedback about MUR and their palettes, which are often exact dupes to high end palettes.Literally that is the thing Makeup Revolution (MUR for short) are known for, and they dupe pretty much everything.

By looking at the color selection it is pretty easy to guess why I decided to get this one.It’s a mix of neutral, warm and even cool shades, but truth be told I got it mainly for the warm orange shades.

I was also intrigued by the navy blue shade simply called Matte, which is something that I never use. Overall I think this is a pretty versatile palette, since even though the warm orangey shades are quite trendy, you get a good amount of shadows that you can use for more natural or neutral looks, both cool and warm, but also surprinsingly some plum shades, a blue, but also some greys which you can all use to create more cool or smokey looks.

The packaging is quite sleek, it’s plastic but it seems sturdy and I just love the combination of black and rose gold lettering. It comes with a pretty big mirror, which is quite handy if you want to do a look on the go and don’t have a mirror in front of you.

The first thing that threw me off a little when I got my hands on the palette was the fact that the eyeshadow pans are tiny! They look much bigger on pictures. However with 32 eyeshadows, and some shades being similar it is doubtful that you’ll run out of all shades. Maybe a few, but I don’t think it really is a huge disadvantage.It definitely is more about variety rather than amount of product, and the palette is rather compact which imo works well if you’re planning to go on a trip or something. It won’t take a lot of space in your make up bag.

When it comes to the quality of the shadows themselves, I would say they’re pretty good. In fact some of the shadows are buttery, and not at all dry.Which if you know anything about makeup at the drugstore, it is pretty damn hard to achieve. Typically I find that is the case for the darker shades. They’re all extremely soft to the touch, which can sometimes translate into them being rather powdery. I find that is the case with the plum/violet shades, I definitely exprience some fallout with them. But the color payoff is actually quite good, in fact they’re extremely pigmented, which is the case with the orange shades. You definitely need to use a light hand with those…or you can use a heavy hand whichever you like.
Some of the lighter shades like Flaw (white color) and Less (pink) don’t show very well on my skin. I would say they’re powdery and not very pigmented, but for the rest I would say everything shows well and blends easily.

I initially was only interested in the orange shades, but I find myself reaching more and more for the neutrals, because they’re quite good and they’re very varied in terms of tone. Which allows to easily do a cool or more warm neutral look depending on your preferrence or mood.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with this palette. For its price and the quality of the shadows which is mostly consistent, I think this is the perfect matte palette that has some trendy shades (for summer or even fall) but also some more neutral and everyday colors. If you’re on the hunt for a matte palette and you’re just beginning in makeup, or just want to try a few different shades but don’t feel like investing in something too expensive, I would highly recommand getting the Flawless Matte 2 which as it stands is quite versatile in terms of how many look you can create with it. Of course it being completely matte limits your options in terms of finishes, so you’ll have to pair it with other palettes that contains shimmers, but since my own preferrence goes to matte shadows I can definitely work with just this palette, without pairing it with other palettes or shadows that I own.
Hope you found this review useful and stay tunned for more reviews.:)


Drugstore mini haul 1

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?Just busy with life and stuff. Hope you’re all doing well.:)

I’m back with something a bit different. I thought I would share the items I hauled today at the drugstore.

Nothing too fancy, just some items I thought I really needed ( which is probably untrue since I’m addicted to makeup).

First item on the list is a foundation. I don’t wear foundations a lot, and I usually use BB creams or just my trusty concealer, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind which I’m absolutely in love with. But every now and then I do feel like doing a full face of makeup, and that’s why I was on the hunt for a new foundation. So far I’ve been using the Wet n Wild Coverall, which does an ok job, since the Photofocus foundation is still not available where I live (oh god why?).

So after watching what felt like 100 videos on Youtube to find a pretty decent foundation at the drugstore, I ended up going for the Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation. The review is coming up for that one.

Next is a brow product. I have rather bushy brows that don’t need to be filled too much, which I realize is somewhat of a blessing. Thankfully I didn’t overpluck my eyebrows when I was younger. But they still get messy, so I wanted a quick solution that could add some tint, while making them stay in place, and preferrably in one step so I can get out of the door more quickly. So I went for a rather basic product, the Essence colour & shape eyebrow gel in the Shade brown. And from what I can tell it is a good shade match, hopefully it will keep my eyebrow hairs in place. I’ll keep you updated on that.
UPDATE: Yes it does keep my brow hairs in place, hurray. The finish is also pretty natural, so thumbs up for that.

And finally another Essence product, and of course it had to be a lip product. It’s the Matt Matt Matt lipstick in the shade Perfect match, which I’m gonna go ahead and say it is a perfect match for me (badumtss). I was looking for an everyday pink nude color, that was matt yet still comfortable. It also has a mauve undertone to it which is exactly what I was looking for. Still bummed that I haven’t found Wow effect, it must be a rather popular shade for it to run out of stock. The formula is quite creamy, creamier than the Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks which I’m rather fond of. But the staying power doesn’t look to be as great as those. Still I’m not mad since I really find that the Megalast lippies dry my lips.
The only issue I have with it, other than the staying power, is the scent which I find to be too strong and overpowering. I’m currently trying to descent it.

And earlier this month I also got a MUR eyeshadow palette. The review for that one and a previous palette are in the works so stay tunned for that. 🙂


Liquid lipstick review


Hey guys, hope you’re having a wonderful week.
Today I’m finally going to put up my review of two liquid lipsticks. Those are the Sleek Matt me in Shabby chic, and the I heart makeup/Makeup Revolution Lip lava in the shade Forgiven.

The first I got some time ago, but I haven’t really been on board the matte lipstick bandwagon. I’m more of a creamy lipstick kind of gal. But I thought I would give liquid lipsticks a try, to really see what the fuss was about.

I chose Shabby chic which is a pinkish purple kind of color. I love purple lipsticks, and It can look completely purple on me but not too dark. I was weirded out by the formula at first, because it really felt like the moisture was getting sucked out of my lips, or like small needles digging into them.So I wasn’t really impressed by it at first, in fact I outright hated it , not to mention that the color looked much darker on my lips, which I get with most lipsticks. I also find that this formula while it gives that powdery feel, it does accentuate fine lines a lot, it can look very crusty.
The second time I applied it I went to eat lunch, and I found to my surpise that this doesn’t last on the lips at all after eating and drinking. So you’ll have to reapply it.I would say it doesn’t layer too badly, but it’s hardly practical.

After those first couple of times where I felt like this product had failed to meet my expectations, I decided to put it away, but I recently rediscovered it. And I don’t know if it’s because it’s been opened for a while, or if I got more used to matte lipsticks in general, it felt way less drying. In fact it felt really nice on the lips. Which really surprised me. I find it much more comfortable now, and while it still can look cracked, it is a decent matte lipstick that doesn’t completely dry out my lips.

So it’s a bit of a rediscovery for me.

Next is the Lip lava from I heart Makeup (or Makeup Revolution same thing) , which is more of a creamy/shiny liquid lipstick. It does feel like it settles and doesn’t move around as much as a creamy lipstick, but it doesn’t dry completely, and you can still redisperse the product by smacking your lips together. The shade I got is Forgiven which is a brownish nude color. The lipstick is shiny as I said, and overall it’s a very comfortable formula. Which makes it in my eyes an ideal everyday liquid lipstick, if you don’t want a matte finish per say.

I’m definitely liking this formula, and looking to get all the other shades since it’s so affordable.

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommand the Lip lava if you want something you can easily wear everyday, that isn’t too drying. While I do like the Sleek one, and the shade, I wouldn’t wear it on an everyday basis, and I need to compare it with other matte liquid lipsticks to really find out if it’s a good formula, which is pretty rare at the drugstore.