W7:On the Rocks eyeshadow palette review



This is a very belated review of the W7 On the Rocks palette, which is a “dupe” (more like a knockoff really) of the ABH subculture palette.I got it almost a year ago, but didn’t want to review it till now.

There’s been a great “controversy” about Subculture when it came out, due mainly to how the eyeshadows performed, which is a damn shame since to me this is the perfect eyeshadow palette for fall. I really like the earthy shades in it, especially the greens and yellow mustard,and in fact this palette is like the complementary palette to their Modern Renaissance. While MR is warm neutral, this leans more cool with shades like the grey or teals. But from an artist’s point of view, those colors are simply on the opposite part of the color wheel hence them being complementary, and while MR reminds me more of old Renaissance paintings with the  reds, the Subculture feels more like its modern yet grungy little sister.

…Yeah you could say I’m obsessed with this color scheme.

But since the Subculture isn’t very beginner friendly and I was just starting in makeup, plus I didn’t know if high end shadows could justify having to pay a steep price for someone who is just a casual makeup lover….I decided against getting it, and instead getting the dupe for cheaper just to see if I really liked the color scheme on me.

And I have to say I regret doing that for two reasons, the performance of the dupe itself and for the color scheme which I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Let’s face it the dupe palette is nowhere near as beautiful as the original, in fact the packaging feels really cheap, even cheaper than MUR palettes. Not a fan of the cardboard packaging, although yes I know the ABH palette also comes in one. But this just feels very cheap, especially on the borders of the eyeshadow pans if that makes sense.Also I don’t know why but when I opened the palette, it had a rather strong chemical smell. I kept it open for a while to get rid of it, and it doesn’t look like it’s the shadows themselves, but maybe the glue? Dunno.It’s gone now so at least there’s that.

While the ABH palette’s shade names had a subculture theme going on, On the Rocks -or as it is dubbed Neutrals on Ice- has more of a drinks/cocktails theme…hence the Neutrals on Ice. With shade names like Bloody Mary, Pina Colada etc it does feel kinda cheap, although I guess you can applaud them for trying to come up with their own shade names…

Now to the actual shadows and how they perform. W7 infamously went on social media and tried to shame ABH for their formula or something, saying something along the lines of “We did it”… Dude, don’t go bragging about how you stole people’s ideas.
But did they really manage to find a middle ground between pigmentation and blendability, and not have shadows that are too soft they have a lot of kickback? I would say it greatly varies, while some shades are pigmented, which is a good portion of the shades for the exception of the two greens (minus the teal) these do have a lot of kickback. I find that I get the most fallout with the dark and pigmented shades. The yellows work wonderfully, but they completely missed the mark with the green duochrome shimmer, which comes off more like a yellow gold than a yellow and green duochrome.It is still a nice shade on its own, but it doesn’t come close to what it’s supposed to be.

My favorite shades are the teal, the wine, the two yellows and the deep purple, which I think works so much better than a black. The orange and grey are also nice, although I do find that the grey is kinda misplaced in this palette, even in the original, because I feel it leans more warm which is weird in what should be a cool(er) palette.

In terms of blendability it’s ok. I do find if I blend too much the colors on the lids they simply disappear so it’s better to pack on the color then blend, since obviously these don’t have some insane color payoff like the original.You can see in the first eyelook that the green that was blended just starts disappearing, so imo you won’t get a seamless blend with a lot of color payoff, especially if use a lot of shades.


Also since I have hooded eyes I do find the mattes transfer a bit.



So did they do better than ABH? I don’t think so, even without owning the original I think these shades are just hard to do in general, especially greens and yellows, so ABH weren’t really at fault. Claiming the dupe is superior is a stretch because it also suffers from similar issues in terms of fallout (it’s crazy with the purple) because of just how the shadows are pressed, which is made to ensure they’d be pigmented or else they simply won’t show up.I would say the shadows do blend rather easily, even though you have to build up some shades, but as far as muddying goes I don’t think I’ve experienced that, although to be fair these colors in particular could do that since they seem rather earthy.

So do I think this is a good purchase? Hard to say, with such dupes or knockoffs there’s always the moral debate about brands who specialize in such products, and which basically rip off of other brands. But on the other side there’s the fact that you have so many palettes on the market that are similar, for example each brand has their own version of the Modern Renaissance. So even if they don’t completely rip off that palette, they’d still be copying the shades to some extent. Also not everyone is able to afford a 40+ dollars palette,one that has some notorious issues ,especially if they just started out in makeup.

At the very least I know that I like this color scheme, and I could maybe even dupe it with Inglot singles which I’d prefer as I don’t think I need all the shades in the palette only the unique ones. Or maybe even take the risk of buying the Subculture itself, why not? I definitely think it’s worth getting into now since I’m more experienced and know what works for me better in terms of eyeshadow application.The Subculture seems like the kind of palette that you shouldn’t go ham on the shadows, and rather place the shades carefully so as to not get a muddied look.It could take a lot of finessing but it could be worth it, and I just like putting one shade or two on the lid, so even if I don’t do something too elaborate it could still work.

Also I know that Lime Crime also has a similar palette, and they’re available to me in stores now, but until not long ago I wasn’t comfortable with buying from them because of the controveries surrounding them… Well that is until they got a new CEO that is.

I definitely think I could get a lot of use of these colors since I’m a sucker for greens, and mustard yellow too it seems.It’s to be continued I guess.


A festival of colors: Bright makeup review


Today I’ll be reviewing two products that fall under the bright makeup category. The Urban decay Electric palette, and the Sleek lip 4 palette in Mardi gras.

I’ve decided to finally delve into bright makeup because I feel like that is one of the few things that are missing from my collection. I initially bought these during summer, but it has gone by and now it’s fall, and I feel like it’s not really appropriate for the season, but you know what? There are no rules in makeup, so you can wear whatever you want.

Initially I wasn’t intending to get the Urban decay Electric palette. Other than its price (which is around 60 US dollars in here with shipping fees) I went through a whole month trying to figure out which bright palette to get as there are a few options. I was orignially eyeing the Morphe 35B palette, but between it being out of stock and its price being almost identical with shipping fees to the UD one, I decided to go with that the latter. Of course UD’s palette being discontinued is just one of the main reasons I decided to get it, but also I feel like in terms of color scheme it is the one that spoke to me the most. Sleek does a similar palette, which is all matte, but I rather prefer to have a lime/chartreuse color than a true yellow.

With that out of the way, how does this palette stand in terms of hype? Since this is technically my first high end product, I have to figure out if it’s really worth that extra buck.
This is a pressed pigment palette, which you might wonder what difference does it make from a regular eyeshadow palette? Well pressed pigments have better color payoff, you’re basically putting pressed pigment on your eyes, think of the ABH subculture, in terms of insane pigmentation. But thankfully not in terms of how the eyeshadows perform. Another difference is some of these pigments aren’t approved by the FDA in the US. What this means is that they can cause staining on the eye lids, and aren’t safe to be put directly in contact with the eye, which I feel like shouldn’t happen anyway as there are better products suited for the water line for example.
I’ve only encountered some minor staining with Jilted one of the purples in the palette, and basically all the red based eyeshadows can cause that effect.But no irritation whatsoever, yay.

As far as the pigmentation goes, it is simply insane. Those are without a doubt the most intensely pigmented eyeshadows in my collection. They do blend quite easily, although I find it’s better to pack the eyeshadow with a flat brush to have the best color payoff. They feel silky smooth to the touch, but they don’t disappear into nothingness. I was a bit skeptical at first since the UD formula seems to always include some glitter in the shadows, even matte ones. I found that disorienting a bit, I happen to be one of those who aren’t fans of matte eyeshadows with glitter in them. But that glitter doesn’t translate on the eyes, the only exception is the silver shade with is rather glittery and a bit chunky.
That aside all the eyeshadows work as expected, they are extremely pigmented and blend quite well. My favorite shades are unsurprinsingly the purples, Jilted and Urban, but I really LOVE Trash. I initially thought it was a lime, but in fact it’s more of a chartreuse shade, which is simply gorgeous. I put it all over my lid the other day, and it was so pigmented and lasted even after my face got wet. Chaos however is a bit weird of a shade, it doesn’t apply as smoothly as the other shades, even though the color is gorgeous, so I was a bit disappointed by that. Didn’t expect much from the silver so can’t complain. Actually as far as the colors go, I don’t understand why they put a silver in there, not to mention that is rather subpar. They could have easily done without it, or added another color instead like a true yellow.

So while I do think the quality is there,I find myself wondering if it really is worth the price. I do think it is for the most part, but I feel like it’s a bit difficult to come up with a whole look, and it’s actually a bit challenging to pair the colors together.This is by no means a standalone palette, because you’d still have to use some more neutral shades if you want to make it more wearable, and there isn’t enough light shades if you want to do a monochrome look. And while I do feel that way, I actually feel more engaged to try to learn how to use it.I feel like this is an excellent companion palette that you can pair up with other neutral shadows if you want a more wearable look. Or you can use all the bright eyeshadows of the palette, if you’re ballsy enough.


In the first look I used Trash, that chartreuse shade coupled with a Starlight expresso from Catrice’s Absolute eye colour mono line (which is sadly discontinued). This makes the look more “wearable” imo. And I went for a sunset look in the second one,I used the reds and purples in the palette (Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban). I’ve been liking that look even though it’s fall.

Overall I’m glad that I added this to my collection.

Around a year ago one of my very first posts was a review of two lip palettes, one notably from Sleek (Siren).

I have a bit of love and hate relationship with lip palettes since while on paper I LOVE the idea of having the possibility to choose between different colors, all in a single product, and even mix and match your own custom shade, I find it to be a bit unpractical. Indeed having to go around carrying a lip brush isn’t as convenient as having only to use a traditional lipstick that comes in a tube.

But we’ve already established a long time ago that I’m a lipstick fiend, and I just can’t get enough of lipsticks.

Since I did like the first Sleek palette, I thought why not get another one from them, and I ended up going with Mardi gras.Yep this is prolly the most colorful one of the bunch, and as the name implies it pretty much a festival palette…FOR YOUR LIPS. Oh boy.

In the pans the shades look way less intense. As with Siren, the colors are very vibrant, and to top it off this has some very “unusual” shades. I love purple lipstick, but I mainly got this one for the pinks, as for some reason I’m gravitating more towards these colors right now. And while Showgirl, another Sleek paleete, features pinks, I thought the colors were too samey, or just varitions of the same color…

Here the colors are varied enough, and as per usual there are two stain type of product, and two creamy ones. The pigmentation is insane, I suggest using a light hand with these, or using some neutral lipstick to subdue them.

But one doesn’t buy festival, bright makeup and not use it as intended. I also think it’s possible to use a dab of these on the cheeks as blush, since technically they’re cream products. Just like you can use your lipstick on the cheeks, and I feel it is easier to do that if you don’t wear foundation+powder.
Also this allows to match your blush to your lipstick, which is definitely a plus.

Overall quite satisfied with this product as well. I want to wear these as much as possible, even during winter, because there’s really no rule about makeup, and if anything I like to experiment with makeup, and color.


First impressions: Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow and Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Hello again.

Bet you thought this blog was dead. Well not quite. I do have a bunch of products to review before the year ends (damn time sure flies), so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Today I’ll be doing a first impressions, as I just literally got these products yesterday and couldn’t wait to try them out. But also because I don’t think using a product once or twice counts for a review, you need to try it for an extensive amount of time before coming to conclusions about it.

But let us get to the meat of this post.

As the title suggests, I’m finally getting to try out Inglot eyeshadows,specifically their Rainbow eyeshadows. I’ve been meaning to try Inglot for the longest time now, since it is regarded as having pretty darn good quality for a rather affordable price, and if you wouldn’t believe it is is actually cheaper to buy some of their products than drugstore makeup in here. And in general drugstore prices has been getting quite high lately, but that’s a discussion for another time.

So the attraction of the Rainbow line is that each eyeshadow pan is divided in 3 so you get 3 variations of the same colour, with each pan weighting 2.5 g in product. Which when you think about it is a good bargain, and on top of that you can pretty much do a full eye look using all 3 shades. I was interested in getting a couple of colourful eyeshadows and basic neutral colors to do a custom palette, but unfortunately my local Inglot store ran out of most of the shades, and only a few are left. And apparently they don’t plan on restocking them for some obscure reason. But I still wanted to try it out, so I got the shade 104, which is a matte turquoise.

As you can see each section is a variation of turquoise.The shadow does feel rather finely milled, it is a bit dry to the touch, and it doesn’t swatch too badly. Applied on the eyes I’d say it is rather pigmented, especially for such light colors. I was actually taken back by how pigmented it was, initially I used it without primer to swatch it etc, and didn’t think much of it. Such colors while bright can still be light, so they might not show too well on all complexions, but I was wrong. I did one eye after setting the base and the other without it, and I can’t tell if there is a huge difference in terms of pigmentation. But in terms of blending I think it blended better over a set base (excuse the unkept brows).

Quite happy with this purchase, and I think I still need to get used to it, since I did build up the color a bit which gave a more intense look, but I think it’s better to use a light hand with this eyeshadow since I’m rather heavy handed with eyeshadows. It is infuriating that they won’t be restocking those in the place near me, I was planning on buying a lot more of them and making my custom palette, since it is actually better value than buying a drugstore palette that has too many shades that I don’t use.

The second item is Essence’s Lash Princess mascara. I owned the one in the orange tube before, it was ok, it did add a lot of volume, so I thought this wouldn’t be any different. This one has the regular straight wand instead of the swirly one, however I don’t know if it’s because it is brand new, but this got all over my eyelid, and it deposited way too much product. In terms of volume I didn’t notice much of a difference, in fact this made my lashes clump together, not cute.Also I do find this lengthens my lashes, which were already long as is, which explains why it got on my friggin’ eyelids. I did find it gave a very false lashes effect, especially with a second coat.

I mean it is called False lashes mascara for a reason. I think I need to give this one more time in order for the formula to become less wet, but overall I’m not really impressed. I think I prefer Bourjois’ mascara, I think it was the volumizing one that I had before. That one did a good job at separating my lashes, and it looked more natural, albeit it had a pretty strong chemical smell.

UPDATE: I did try it again, and this time I wiped off most of the product from the wand and it worked better. It is still very noticeable, so I guess the search for the perfect mascara continues…

Are you interested in picking up any of these? Don’t forget to comment.:)


Project pan: 1st edition

Is this blog dead yet? Only time will tell.

I think I’m at a point in my life where I do feel like I’d rather have a small but very useful collection of makeup. I’ve been a makeup addict for almost 3 years now, and I think for the most part my makeup is just sitting gathering dust, while I continue to buy more and more makeup that just adds to the pile I already have. Of course to someone who has a more sizeable collection what I have is just a speck of dust, but there’s a few items that I barely use…So I think it’s about time I used them up, don’t you think? Whether it’s something I don’t gravitate too much towards, or simply a product that doesn’t work as expected, I just think it’s better to use it up, before buying something new to replace it, hence why I decided to do a project pan.

Basically I want to try to use up various products, be they makeup or skincare, in order to keep things from going out of hand as I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying makeup, even though I’m not really buying much lately.

I want to take it easy, and not try to pan a blush for example, as those tend to be quite hard to pan…but I’ll try my best, and I’m only doing 5 products at a time. I guess starting small can’t hurt.

I don’t wear foundation anymore, so you won’t see me trying to do that here, even though I still have 2 that I either intend to declutter like the rest, or use for something else. So for now I’m just going to skip on those.

So I’m only going to use up things that I know I use in my daily(more like weekly) makeup routine.First on the list, is concealer.

The product that I want to use up is my Maybelline Fit me concealer, in the shade 25 medium.
Where to start? I bought this some time ago, and while I do think the formula is fine, although a bit shiny and hence you need set it, the shade is a tad too dark for me. And since I don’t wear foundation , it is noticeable. On top of that one, I also want to use up what remains from the Instant Age Rewind in the shade Neutralizer, again from Maybelline.

It is a bit too light, and too dry for my under eye I feel. I have a small amount left, so I figured I’d mix both and just use them up , before buying a new concealer that is actually my shade, and isn’t too dry.

Next is an eyeshadow palette, the Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel palette .I recently rediscovered this palette.And even though the top of my palette is broken,same as some of the shades because yes the packaging isn’t that sturdy, I decided to use it up more.It’s an everyday palette, that you can also use for more smokey looks, so It’s actually quite nice. My initial complaint is that the pigmentation isn’t great, and you really have to use a primer with this I feel. It has a few shades that I simply don’t have anywhere else, and while I do want to use it more, I’m afraid that just like the other Sleek palettes that got discontinued, I may never find this again. I believe it was also limited edition, so yeah I may not find it again anyway, but I think this can be a good everyday palette, that can give you a basic eye look especially if you’re going for a bold lip, which we’re about to see a lot in autumn and winter.

I also want to use up my Wet n Wild megaglo contouring palette. I have it in the shade Caramel Toffee I think. It’s the warmer one with the banana shade. I don’t contour, but I do use the banana shade to set my concealer, especially when it is too dark. The “contour” shade I use occasionally to bronze my face. I think it might be near impossible to pan this one, as it is quite large, but we’ll see. But if I just get more use out of it I’m fine.

While I don’t use a lot of face powders, I do want to use up my Essence mattifying compact powder in the shade Light beige. I’ve had this for quite a while, and if I don’t use it up soon I might just as well throw it. I do use this mostly on my cheeks so I can blend my blush better. It’s nothing too fancy, it’s just an all around matte powder that doesn’t do anything exceptional for me.

Last but not least is lipstick, and I do want to use up two shades from Catrice’s Utimate Colour line. It’s In a Rosegarden and Hey nude. I love nude lipsticks, which is why I need to buy new ones, and try new formulas. Catrice’s line can be a bit too sheer, or too slippery, but for what you’re paying it’s not too horrendous, but it’s not outstanding either. I also wanted to use the L’oreal Color Riche lip palette in Nude, but that’s damn near impossible since while I do like the colors and even the formula, they just smell so bad I can’t put them anywhere near my lips, or nose. Why they put that smell in there I don’t know (prolly to hide some nasty chemical smell) but I think it’s just a shame that they added that horrendous scent that no one wants in their lipstick, especially someone with a sensitive nose like me.

Well that’s about it. I want to give this a good two months to see whether I can pull it off, but it’s really just about using up makeup that I don’t use, and maybe figuring out better ways to use it.


Anti-haul 2nd edition


Hello guys

It might feel weird that I’d be putting up an anti-haul , right after a post about the products I currently have on my wishlist, but every month there’s a bunch of releases that came out, and let’s just say they didn’t wow me.

First on the list, is the Fenty Beauty Moroccan spice palette. I know, who am I to anti-haul what is arguably one of the most wanted products from Rihanna’s brand? Ever since the galaxy palette, people have been wanting a matte eyeshadow palette from her, and she delivered…But it’s yet another warm neutral palette with a pop of blue. Sigh. How many palettes like that are out? I feel like there’s quite a few. My initial impression was that it wasn’t spicy. When I think of spice I think of bright ass yellow, orange, and red, but to me the colors look quite muted. They might be pigmented, which is great for dark skin, but to me it doesn’t really remind me of spice.And I should know because apparently Morocco is spicy…yeah.I’m Moroccan btw. The other issue is the name itself, which I feel just bastardizes Moroccan culture, by making it a stereotype basically. And more than anything, it looks like the name was just slapped to the palette, since as I already said for the 11th time, IT IS NOT SPICY.
Maybe I’m biased, but I feel like the whole branding of this product is just wonky, and what it should have been called is “A warm neutral palette with a touch of blue, Fenty edition”.
That doesn’t get me excited, sorry.

Next is yet another ABH palette. It feels like it was just a while ago that the Soft glam palette came out. I do question the rate at which palettes are released these days, and whether you’d get much use of a palette before buying another one… No matter how you look at it, it is intentional and it’s to push you to buy more products, products that you prolly don’t need.
The new palette is the Norvina palette, after Norvina from ABH. And unsurprisingly it’s a neutral palette with a touch of purple…

It might fit Norvina’s aesthetic with her purple hair, but not only is it too predictable, but it’s also nothing revolutionary. ¨Palettes like that have already been done, starting with the Desert Dusk from Huda Beauty, and then with Lime Crime’s Venus 3. The palette has a few purples, some neutrals and pink colors, which is just meh. I feel like I can get a similar look with the Flawless 3 palette and the FFTB from MUR. Since the latter has some of those lilac colors.
But not only that, as per usual with ABH, their eyeshadows tend to look muddy on people. The colors are a bit too dark, and don’t have a lot of vibrancy to them, especially the purples. And more importantly, do we really need to buy yet another neutral palette, right after the Soft glam? I feel like there’s a lot of redundancy with that. Sadly I don’t feel like I’m going to wear those looks a whole lot, which is why I’m anti-hauling it.

Finally, I think I’d have to anti-haul the Huda Beauty Easy bake Baking powders.I don’t bake, so I don’t see the use of it, but it’s also by principle. There is evidence that suggests that she ripped off her entire marketing for this product of The Beauty bakery’s. Not just that, but even the box art looks more like something from The Balm. I can understand that you can have similar products in terms of what they do, aka baking powders, but ripping off branding and packaging altogether is bad. So for that, and for other reasons, I have no intention of buying her product even if it became available. And overall I feel like she does some questionable stuff, like with the Rose Gold remastered palette. Pulling out the old one, and pretending it will be gone forever just to then reformulate it, and still have it perform not that great is all kinds of shady to me. I was more interested in her obsessions palettes , since those doesn’t necessarily scream rip off to me, not even the electric one.A lot of brands have electric palettes these days (not really a lot but still) so I can’t really say that it ripped off UD Electric palette for example. (wink wink)
But now I don’t feel comfortable buying from her, with all the controveries surrounding her brand.

And I guess also by principle I’m anti-hauling the last Kat Von D palette and every product from her. Sorry but not sorry, not going to support an anti-vaxxer, especially since I feel her person is represented through her brand.So I have no plans in the near future of supporting her through her brand, her decision is just selfish and endangers other people, even adults.

Wow I realize those are all palettes, or almost. Well I haven’t been seeing a lot of lip products out, and if anything it’s mostly lip glosses right now. Dunno why but whenever something becomes popular, I start losing interest in it. So right now I’m looking to buy matte lipsticks (not the liquid ones fuck that) to add to my collection, not necessarily lip glosses.

This is prolly my most opiniated piece, and you might agree with it or not, but that’s just how I feel about certain things, and if anything I feel makeup is very personal, and not two people will like let alone have the same outlook on things.



Makeup wishlist 1st edition

So I thought I’d give this a try.

Over the years my makeup addiction has only gotten worse, and as a matter of fact I don’t think I’m ever going to stop buying makeup . So I guess there’s still a few items I’d like to get in the future, be it drugstore or high end.

First I would like to get the ABH lip palette. Why you ask? Because I really like the idea of being able to make my own custom shade. I’m really a lipstick hoarder, and if anything I don’t seem to be able to find the perfect lipstick shade, plus I want to be able to experiment with colors, especially the unusual shades,but I don’t want to commit to buying a shade that is too wild like blue or green. So in that regard it makes perfect sense for me, but then again it might not be the most practical thing as this is way more bulky than just a regular lipstick tube. But I might be fully convinced if I really decided to become a makeup artist for example, which I think ultimately this product is geared towards.Also I like to delude myself into thinking that if I splurge on this, I won’t ever have to buy lipstick (oh sweet summer child).

Catrice also makes a dupe of this palette, so I might get that one and see if it works out for me.I figure it would be less intimidating to get that one which is pretty similar rather than splurging on the ABH, and just having it sit on my vanity gathering dust.

Next on the drugstore side I’m really interested in getting some Sleek blush by 3 palettes, in particular the California trio. I currently like two types of makeup that are polar opposites, bright makeup and natural/neutral makeup.As far as natural makeup goes, lately brands like Glossier gathered some attention, so the idea of just popping a cream blush, some mascara, and a gloss has become so interesting for me lately. The California blush palette is made of 3 soft natural cream blush shades, which I think ultimately would work out so well for me.Plus since I don’t wear foundation anymore, and don’t like powdering my face either, I figured getting into cream blush is a good idea.

And because I love Makeup Revolution (or just Revolution) there’s two palettes I wish to get from them. The Sophy x palette,the first one.I feel that one is more interesting for me in terms of color scheme and I hear is very good for drugstore. And then the more colorful one from their Pro line, the Renegeneration Trends Mischief mattes. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but they released a bunch of stuff lately, it’s rather overwhelming.

Since glosses are all the rage, I’ve been considering also getting the Fenty beauty gloss bomb. Since it’s such a universal shade I think it will be flattering, and I just want to see what the hype is about.

When it comes to eyeshadows, I think I’m finally ready to delve into eyeshadow singles. In terms of colors, I’d rather have more colorful eyeshadows to add to my collection. Sugarpill is a brand that is regarded as having one of the best eyeshadow formulas. I’d rather try their singles and make my own palette. Either them or Inglot, which is sold in my country.

I think at this point I’m more interested in getting eyeshadows + lip products, than face products. Which ultimately is the more fun aspect of makeup imo as those tend to come in a variety of colors and finishes.Also I’m willing to splurge on more expensive products if the quality is there, even if I’m rather happy with most of the drugstore items that I have.

Let me know if you tried any of these and if you liked them.


Chat with me 3rd edition

Hello everyone.

I’m really sorry if I haven’t been posting much lately. Don’t worry I’m not abandoning this blog anytime soon. As a matter of fact I have a whole bunch of products to review, but I haven’t got to either because I was experiencing some makeup exhaustion, or rl stuff has prevented me from doing so, and sometimes both.

So for the past months as I said I was experiencing a bit of makeup fatigue, and while I did buy some makeup, like one palette from W7, the Subculture dupe, I haven’t really gotten to play with it as much as I’d wanted. Mainly because I feel like the color scheme isn’t really spring appropriate.While it does have a few shades that you can categorise as sping appropriate, like the orange yellow and the orange peach…I do find that the green shades are a bit too rich and are more autumn appropriate, at least for my tastes.Same for the wine, purple but also the mustard shade. So I haven’t gotten much use out of it yet. So the review on that might come much later.

Meanwhile I felt more attracted to pinks and warm neutrals lately. Not that I have been wearing tons of it, but I feel like it’s what I think spring/summer makeup is about. That and pops of blues/turquoise or any blueish green color, if that makes sense. Dunno I picture myself at the beach drinking a nice cool beverage while watching the sun set, and the combination of those colors (sea water+ sunset) are what I picture spring, and more specifically summer makeup (time flies fast) to be the kind of colors I’d wear .Unfortunately the weather here has been rather gloomy and I haven’t been able to go to the beach or just enjoy the sun.

As far as life goes you could say I was a bit more busy/stressed out than usual. I’m not really the type to talk about my life in general, but I haven’t been feeling in the mood to do any of the stuff I usually enjoyed, including makeup. I do feel a bit down, and it’s only made worse by the fact that my cat died recently (may she rest in peace). And then my whole schedule has to be changed for a whole month… So that too doesn’t help. So for many reasons I haven’t been in the mood to talk about makeup, or the many other subjects that I enjoy.

But that doesn’t mean that I stopped buying makeup either. I actually bought my first high end palette. Which tbf I’m still debating if I should have, considering how expensive it was. But I’m so excited to play with it, and I feel like I’ll really enjoy this one, since this is what I really needed in my collection.

Hope you all had a less crappy month and here’s to more posts in the future.


Anti-haul 1st edition

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my first ever anti-haul! If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s basically an anti-consumerism haul, where you share products that you won’t be buying. Figured it would help me stop my inner makeup hoarder from getting stuff that I don’t need.
Over the years this has become more gimmicky, especially on YT, but what inspired this trend is really anti-consumerism, since we’re being flooded with makeup products that we simply don’t need.

First item on the list, is the MUR Pro HD amplified palettes. The reason why I won’t be getting those is because I already have pretty much all that color scheme in my eyeshadow collection.
Had these been available when I first got into makeup I would have considered getting one, but rather than just a warm or cool palette I would have preferred one with an actual rainbow of colors.

Next is again from MUR their liquid highlighters which are a more affordable “dupe” to the Cover FX drops. In general I think I’m a bit over highlighters, and lately I’ve been leaving my skin pretty matte, and without foundation too. Rather than a liquid highlighter I would prefer something very sheer, easy to apply if not outright an illuminating primer.To just give a slight sheen to the skin. I feel like it would look more natural on my bare skin which as it stands is still textured.
Also I question whether I’d use them at all, or if they’re too gimmicky and would just be sitting in my drawers. I certainly feel like I’m over highlighters a bit, and I’m starting to appreciate more blushers with a sheen. I’m even using regular shimmery shadows as highlighters, from Essence and Catrice and they work better than my real highlighters…and they cost around 2-3 bucks too.Yep don’t need more highlighters.

Third item on the list is the Superstay Matte inks, and basically any kind of liquid lipstick. Why you ask? I don’t find them to be particularily flattering on the lips, some of them are really drying, and the ones that I own end up drying down pretty dark.And while the Maybelline ones don’t emphasize the lines, they have this tendency to make the lips stick together, which is something I abhor. Plus the matte liquid lip trend is slowly but surely getting less attention, and glosses are making their comeback,yay.

And finally what inspired this post in the first place, is the ABH soft glam palette. But you’re going to ask , don’t you buy primarly drugstore makeup? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that if something was really worth it, and I could afford it, I wouldn’t buy a high end product. In fact I have a pretty long wish list of high end makeup that I’d like to get eventually. But I often ask myself, is it worth it, when so many drugstore products can work for me on an everyday basis? I think I can more easily justify a high price tag if it had some clear benefits for my skin, like skin care infused products.Or if it was something unique, sadly the ABH palette isn’t that, far from it.
The fact is that the color selection is really nothing special. It’s soft glam, so of course it’s supposed to be soft neutrals, that are wearable, but I feel like there is TONS of palettes that offer the same colors, and with similar quality too from high end brands . On the drugstore side, I can easily see the 3 MUR palettes that I own offer those colors, and some more.The shadows might not be as soft or pigmented as ABH, but then again I rarely wear makeup past the 5 hour mark. So really there isn’t a reason for me to get it now or later. I guess it’s more handy to have all those colors in one palette, rather than 3, but again I don’t wear those shades a whole lot and if anything I’m less about the beige life, and appreciate colors more.Like give me a palette with blues, violets, greens heck even yellows, and I’d snatch it in an instant.
And overall, if you’re a makeup hoarder like me, then you prolly already have similar shades in your collection.

So there you go. This might become a series, I certainly do need some incentive to buy less makeup…


Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 palette review

Hey guys.

This is the belated review of the Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 palette. I teased it way back when I just got the palette, but I wanted to try it for a while before I reviewed it.

This is the third palette from MUR that I review (feel free to check the previous ones) and generally I find that they are very good quality for the price. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

I got this palette because I guess I also wanted to try the warm pink neutral look. Since I don’t have any of those tones in my collection, it seemed like a no brainer that I should get this particular palette.


This palette has the best packaging out of all the ones that I own. It has a rose gold finish, that also happens to be holographic. Even the outer box has that holographic effect that is the rage right now, sadly it doesn’t show on camera.Either way it feels rather luxurious. Once again the palette is rather compact, and has a big mirror that makes it a perfect travelling companion imo.

In terms of color selection this palette can be categorized as a sunrise/sunset palette, since it features all kinds of pinks, violet and oranges that you can usually witness in a sunrise/sunset, particularily the latter.It has some gorgeous reds and pinks, some deeper purples, which are all you need to do a pink makeup look. As well as a bunch of oranges and warm orange toned browns.

MUR are reknown for duping famous palettes from high end brands like ABH or Urban Decay, but for this one I can’t really say it’s an exact dupe for Modern Renaissance. That would prolly be the Flawless 3 palette. Rather this gives me some Huda Beauty vibes, and if you ignore the pinks/violets,and just look at the right side of the palette with the orange browns, then it can also be seen as a Naked Heat dupe. Although I don’t own any of those, so I can’t really say it’s an exact dupe for either of them.The only thing this palette lacks imo is a yellow and a deep purple/wine color. I feel like that could have made this palette more complete.

Now unto the shadows themselves. As per usual you get 32 shades that come in small pans, but I think it works out really well since some shades are rather similar and you really don’t need to apply much to get the shadows to show. I love how the shadows have been arranged here, you have all your shimmers and all your mattes in a row, which imo makes it easier to navigate through them, but also you don’t get flex of shimmer in your mattes. The big winners for me in this palette are the mattes, they’re extremely creamy and pigmented. So pigmented in fact that I feel like you really need to be careful when applying them, or your lid will look really intense, which can be a look too. The first time I used them I went ham on the shadows, and let’s just say it looked a bit crazy. The shimmers are also pretty good, although by comparing them to the ones in Fortune Favours the Brave, they can be a bit lacking. Dunno they seem less intense, less foiled.The golds and coppers in FFTB can look almost foiled, and I’m just talking of the regular ones, and not the baked ones. But it’s nothing that can deter you from using them wet, and thus getting a more intense application.

Here’s a few looks I did with the palette.

A more intense take on that sunset look

A look using the orange browns:

Excuse the poor quality of these pictures.But it’s better than nothing I suppose. I tried to do a sunset look with pinks/purple and oranges. My skills in makeup are really sub par. But I feel like this shouldn’t stop you from playing with makeup lol.

So overall quite satisfied with this palette. Took me a while to figure out how to incorporate it in my routine, but I think that if you’re looking for a sunset palette, and don’t feel like paying for something like the Huda Beauty one, then you can prolly give this one a go, and you won’t regret it.

And overall I think that MUR have some of the best eyeshadow formulas from the drugstore.All of the palettes I’ve tried from them were a hit.But I really should give other brands a chance.


Makeup haul 3 (featuring hair care)


Hello loves.

It’s that time again.After resisting the temptation for 3 months I’m back with a new haul, and this time it’s not just makeup.

First item on the list, is Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la defining curl custard. I have curly hair, that also happens to be fine and dry, so let’s just say it can be a bit difficult to take care of. It took me a while for me to embrace my curls, in fact up till a few years ago I always had my hair up in a ponytail or a bun, and let’s just say I just feel more free now that I let my curls out. They still need to be defined, because right now they don’t look like much, but this definitely helps in that department and moisturizes my hair, which is what allows it to curl. In before I tried the Shea moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style milk and it had similar effect and even smell to the Curl la la. Just maybe the Curl la la has a stronger, sweeter smell.The product looks pink which is a bit scary, but the color doesn’t linger, and I find this doesn’t make my hair crunchy, which I feel the Shea moisture milk did. But there’s an immediate change between when I put this on, and when I didn’t put any kind of styling cream. Plus it’s much cheaper than the Shea moisture one (which is sold at around 20 bucks around here, yikes), so it’s definitely a plus.

Next is the Golden Rose highlighter stick, in the shade 01 Bright Gold. This is the first Golden Rose product that I have ever owned. Golden Rose is a Turkish brand in case you didn’t know, and based on this product I’m tempted to try more of their stuff. I also eyed Pastel at the drugstore, and I think I should give them a try too. Anyway, this is a very sheer highlighter stick, which is exactly what I wanted. Since I decided not to wear any foundation anymore, now that my skin isn’t breaking out terribly anymore, I figured I could use having a bit of dew, but nothing that will be too blinding. Up close you can definitely see some sparkles, but they’re very fine. And from a far it doesn’t show up, and it just look like a bit of dew on your skin, which is perfect for me right now.It does emphasize my texture a bit,but all highlighters do that to me unfortunately. So it’s definitely a hit in my book.

Then we have the Yves Rocher Rouge Vertige Baume Liquide, in the shade 05.It’s a lip gloss, even though it is called Baume (balm). Just like with foundation, I’m moving away from the liquid lipstick trend, and even just a matte lip in general. And I’m fully embracing the lip gloss trend. I feel like you can never go wrong with a gloss, since it can be very sheer, so even if you use a deep shade, it will look less strong than a fully opaque lip product. I needed a few more shades, like browns or berries in my collection so I got this one.The shade I got is a rather brownish nude shade, and out of all the shades I swatched it’s the one that I liked the most. I saw a dark plum too but I feel like this one would be better for spring. The gloss isn’t too sticky, it feels very moisturizing and it smells like a typical gloss would, a bit sweet maybe on the fruity side. Not fan of the applicator, it’s flat , and I prefer a doe foot with a little resevoir in the middle. You get more product with those I feel. The effect is very subtle, not only is the shade pretty close to my lips, but the gloss itself is very sheer and not too pigmented. But overall I do like how it looks, it just gives a bit of color and for the price it’s not too bad (5 bucks).Out of all the products I got this one is a bit of a dud.

And last but not least, I got yet another eyeshadow palette….Yeah I know I need professional help, but what can I do, I’m a makeup addict. This time it’s from W7, and the palette is called On the rocks, which they describe as “Neutrals on ice”….But we all know what this is folks. This is a straight up dupe for the Subculture from ABH.
I was very torn about getting this one, since as it stands I don’t like straight up dupes that copy the shade range, and even the arrangement of the shadows. It feels very lazy, and W7 were shading ABH after the Subculture failed pretty hard and they came up with the dupe.
But here’s my reasoning, I’m barely a beginner at makeup. If people who are more experienced than me in makeup were having some trouble with the Subculture due to the shadows being pressed pigments, then I will likely struggle with it, which would ultimately mean that I won’t get to use it as often, if not at all. And I’m not even sure if the color scheme is something that I can wear on an everyday basis, so I figured why not test this one out, and see if it works?And if I like this color scheme, I might make my own palette out of Inglot eyeshadows in the future, rather than getting the Subculture.Even though that would be more expensive and less practical than getting the Subculture.
I tried it today, and I think I’ll leave my impressions till the review goes up later.

And that’s about it. Hope you’re having a wonderful week :3.