Hello world!

Heya, I’m a 28 year old girl who is addicted to makeup, as you can prolly tell from the title of this blog. I made this blog to talk about my makeup addiction, and just review products ,mostly drugstore, which you’ll prolly see me do a lot since my makeup addiction is that severe.
I caught the makeup virus around 3 years ago, which I guess is very late for most girls. Before that I never wore makeup, but because I got some hormonal acne I had to cover up those scars and pimples, and makeup effectively helped me to just be more confident in myself. But also thanks to it I now have a much better skin routine, when in before I barely took care of my skin.
So all is not bad when it comes to makeup, it’s just being addicted to it that isXD I’m very much a lipstick fiend, I really don’t like the real color of my lips, and I find that you can’t put on makeup on your whole face and not your lips, I dunno it leaves a somewhat unfinished look.
My approach to makeup is more casual I guess, I’m by no means an expert when it comes to makeup, in fact I rather suck at applying it.But I find that makeup can allow you to be creative, and you don’t have to follow to the letter what beauty gurus tell you. Also I’m learning to use more colors, especially those I’m not comfortable with, so that is definitely something that I want to do more.
So stay tunned if you want to see me review some products, some of which aren’t exactly new, but that might still be worth talking about.
Thanks for reading


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