Lip palettes review


Today I’ll be reviewing two lip palettes from the drugstore.

Since I’m a lipstick fiend the thought of having a palette with multiple shades of lipstick almost seems like a no brainer. I usually wear nude shades(that and purples) ,so I picked up a lip palette that is centered around nudes, but since spring is here I also decided to pick up something more colorful.

The first palette I’ll talk about is the Sleek lip 4 palette , in the shade Siren. This is a really colorful palette as you can tell, made of orange tones.

siren (1).jpg

You got some deeper ones and also one that almost feels like a nude, but these are highly pigmented.One layer gives you a good wash of color, and you can use it as such if you want a more natural look.
I love the formula on this one, the lipstick is very creamy while giving a matte finish for most shades.The lip brush is not ideal though, it’s too tiny for my taste.It doesn’t smell of anything in particular which I like. I also like the packaging,I love Sleek’s very black and “sleek” packaging.
It’s a pretty good deal if you consider the price (around 9 pounds in the UK) and the amount of shades you get here .I would totally pick up another one of these, but they are hard to find, I was initially going for Ballet but it was out of stock at my local beauty vendor.

The second palette is by l’Oreal, the Color riche palette in the shade Nude. This one is rather pricey for a drugstore brand, but you get 6 shades in here instead of 4 with Sleek.

I have mixed feelings on this one, and I’m still testing it out to get a better use out of it.
Let’s talk about the things I like. The idea behind it is pretty interesting, since I love nude shades but wasn’t able to this day to find my perfect nude shade in a regular lipstick tube . With this palette you could make your custom shade by mixing in two or more colors.You can also use it to make ombre lips, but I find that there isn’t enough differentiation between the shades to get a really good result. The packaging is really nice, almost feels luxurious and the mirror is rather big. The applicator is slightly better than the Sleek one imo, but either way I prefer to use a lip brush.

Now what I don’t love about this palette is that I find that the colors are too subtle (at least on me), except for the one or two shades, the darker ones.There isn’t a lot of differenciation between the colors as I said previously, some shades really do look similar on my lips. The texture also feels almost oily to me. And the smell is rather overwhelming, it smeels of old makeup-y scent, not a huge fan. If you have a sensitive nose like me then you’ll definitely be bothered by the scent.
I think it’s a bit overpriced for the quality that you get and for something that’s supposed to be from the drugstore, especially where I live with all the taxes… The wear isn’t great, so you’ll have to re-apply it, which is the whole purpose I guess.

So while I like the practicality of it, I’m not wowed by the actual product. You’d prolly be better off buying the nude palette from Sleek (Ballet) imo.

Overall really impressed by the Sleek palette,even though it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Obviously I’m not that impressed by the l’Oreal one, but I’ll still use it regardless, because I sure love nude shades, especially for an everyday look.

What are some of the lip palettes you tried, drugstore or not? Let me know in the comments.:)


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