My favorite products of the moment

Heya, I’m back with a new post about makeup.

So I’ve been going through my makeup collection and I got into thinking about which products I reach for the most, as opposed to products that I really don’t reach for anymore which really need to go.

So I found that there’s quite a few that I use on a regular basis. Let’s start with the face.

The foundation I reach for the most atm is the Coverall Foundation by Wet n Wild. There is a new line the Photofocus one which is pretty good from what I heard, but it still didn’t hit the stores in here.
I have two shades from the coverall line, Light and Fair/Light. I initially bought Light but it was a bit too dark for me, especially during winter, so I also bought Fair/Light, and it is rather a perfect match. Which is so rare for me since I always struggle to find the right shade. I have a fairly light skin, you could say I’m rather pasty. And I have a yellow undertone. So it’s a somewhat of a struggle to find the right shade, since the lighter shades often have a pink undertone.
That aside, I was initially skeptical about this product, because it’s so damn cheap. But also because when I first applied it I was weireded out by the scent, and the actual application.I don’t know maybe I applied too much product at first. It’s a cream foundation so you have to work it out pretty quickly before it dries down, and the coverage is light to medium. So it took me a few tries to get it right, and now I simply find that it’s easily one of the best foundations at the drugstore.
Mind you I’ve tried other foundations before, some from Maybelline and even from P2 (German brand) and even brands that are geared towards acne prone skin, which can be rather expansive and yet still broke me out (despite their claim that it wouldn’t) but I use the Wet n Wild one the most and what’s more important is that it doesn’t break me out.

Speaking of Wet n Wild, my favorite lipstick atm is the Bare it all from the Megalast line. It’s such a perfect neutral nude color. I own 3 lipsticks from that line, and I just love them. And I would totally purchase more, heck all the line if I could find every shade since it’s so damn cheap. One thing though is that if you don’t find it to be as creamy as it is claimed online, then you definitely need to scrape off the top layer, and after that the lippie should be creamy while still giving a nice semi matte finish.

For the eyes, I have 3 palettes that I really like. Two from Catrice and one from Wet n Wild (can you guess which one?).
The ones from Catrice are the All about Matt, and All about Rose. Matt is for matte colors, I’m really into the soft brown matte look atm. And all about Rose is for those rosey nude shades of course. The shadows are soft, decently pigmented and blend well but there is some fallout since they’re so soft.So soft in fact that one of the shadows from the Rose palette broke when I just bought it. But overall it’s a great product for the price. Definitely suggest getting the Matt one if you can find in stores, because we all need an all matte palette, or just matte shades.

Which brings me to my next palette, the Comfort zone by Wet n Wild. This palette is simply gorgeous, it is everything you need if you like brown shades, and if you want to experiment with some green. Well it has almost everything, since the big problem with this palette is that it’s all shimmery shades, there are no matte shade! That is why I mentioned having some matte shades , because you’ll likely need them for the crease. I’m not a huge fan of putting shimmery shades in the crease, and what’s worse is that I have hooded eyes, so yeah that definitely doesn’t work for me.
But that aside it is a great palette, the shadows are some of the best I’ve tried, very creamy and VERY pigmented.

I already talked about this item in a previous review, but I really do like the Essence Sun club all in one bronzer. I just wear it on its own and use the highlighter. It really warms the skin while having the slightest bit of shine to it. It’s just perfect for this season.

Not really a makeup product, but I really like the Foundation brush by Real techniques, the angled one. I don’t use it as much for foundation (which it applies nicely once you get the hang of it), but I think it’s great for applying a peach color corrector under the eyes, it is rather precise.

Well I think that’s about it. What are some of your favourite products as of late?


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