Battle of the drugstore primers

Hello folks, hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Today I’m going to talk about primers. I’m really new to the primer game, and for my first primer I wanted to try something that wasn’t so expensive since I’m on a budget.

So I decided to buy a set from Elf that contains a primer of course, but also an eyeshadow base, the sheer one along with their setting spray.

The primer that I had was the Clear one.

So how do I feel about it? I absolutely hate it.

In terms of making my make up last longer, I don’t see much of a difference. In fact it may make me look more oily.
But even if I wanted to use it I wouldn’t be able to anyway since
A- it smells like white spirit: if you’re a bit familiar with oil paint, white spirit is a substance that is used to dilute the paint. It is one of the worst smells out there.It has a distinct chemically scent to it.
B- It actually breaks me out. And that is the main reason why I don’t use it anymore, after trying it for a few times.

I’m pretty sure it is the primer that breaks me out, and not the setting spray or something else.And I found other reviews that make the same claim.

So yeah stay away from the Clear one if you have acne prone skin.

The second primer that I’m gonna review is the Prime and Fine smoother by Catrice.

I picked this one up because I wanted something to blur my pores, since I do have rather large pores on my cheecks and nose. It does an ok job, nothing that blew my mind. I could still see my pores. I can’t vouch for it being able to make my makeup last longer, which might not even be part of its claim, since obviously I don’t use it on my entire face just on the areas where my pores are very noticeable.
At least it doesn’t break me out, or make me too oily.

So in that regard it works better for me than the first one. I’m still looking for a good primer at the drugstore, in the meantime I’ll be using my the Elf make up mist & set to prime my face, along with the Catrice primer to try and minimize my pores.

Because yes you can use your setting spray before applying makeup, to make it last longer.;)


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