Makeup Revolution: Blush Goddess palette review


I’m back with a new palette to review, this time a blush palette.

I’m not really that huge on blushes, and I somehow always apply them with a heavy hand. But I have to admit that this palette really spoke to me, not so much because of the blushes (who are beautiful btw) but because of the highlighters.

Yep, this palette contains 4 highlighters, and 4 matte blushes which is great. I always prefer the matte blushes over the shimmery ones. This is a gorgeous palette, the quality of the highlighters and the blushes is pretty good.

Let’s start with the highlighters. The highlighters vary in terms of intensity, and I find they suit everyone’s needs. Whether you like a very intense highlighter, or a more natural looking one, this palette has your needs covered.
The leftmost one is a nice beige highlight that is subtle, but definitely shows on the skin. I feel like this is the most wearable one, especially if you’re going for a more subtle and natural looking glow. The second and third highlighters are definitely more intense,the second is pink and the third is golden, and I feel both are geared more towards those beauties who like their highlighter to pop. And lastly the one far to the right is similar in tone to the the one on the far left, but it’s even less intense than that one. I feel like it gives more of a wet skin finish, that’s my least favourite shade out of the bunch.

The blushes are extremely good, they’re nicely pigmented and there’s enough variety in terms of shade. They’re not too pigmented like some drugstore blushes, so you don’t have to worry about going too heavy handed. It’s just the right amount of pigmentation for my taste. The shades range from orange to coral shades, in fact my favourite blush atm is the one of the far right, which is a very nice coral shade.I feel it’s very appropriate for this season.

Overall I can’t recommand this palette enough, if like me you’re new to the highlighter game and want to try a few highlighters and blushes without ruining yourself.And despite this being my first Makeup Revolution palette period I find the quality to be pretty decent, or just outstanding for the price. It certainly gives you a lot of options to try out.


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