Baby face It’s skin BB cream review: the cutest BB cream


Hello beauties.
Today I’ll be reviewing the cutest BB cream you’ll ever find, the Baby Face It’s skin BB cream, in the shade Silky.
I have a long history with BB creams, in fact it’s what I used when I got my first acne breakeout at the age of 25. I tried a bunch of them, but only a few stuck with me, but for a while now I haven’t used any.
My first BB cream was the Catrice one, and I gotta say that one is atrocious. It will make you break out, even if you don’t have acne, since my sister also used it and she ended up with pimples on her forehead. I would say it’s not suited for combo/oily skin.
Then I tried the Maybelline one and it was my go to product for the longest time. It’s an ok product, but nothing too groundbreaking. At least it didn’t make me breakout. Then I tried the L’oreal one, and I just gotta say it’s not great, unless you want to look orange even if you’re the lightest shade.The coverage is also not great, but that’s usually the case with most BB creams.But I do find it’s a tad more gimmicky since it comes off white from the tube and is supposed to match your skin once it melts, but even then it’s still too dark and orange for me.

So I was left to look up for a new BB cream, since it’s summer I want something more lightweight that can provide some coverage for those days when I’m actually wearing makeup. So I looked up online for the longest time, but the It’s skin BB cream quickly grabbed my attention. I’ll admit that I did buy it partially for the packaging.

I mean look at that, isn’t that the cutest packaging ever? It definitely has that kawaii vibe going on, and I even kept the outer part with the wings. And it’s a Korean product to boot with, so I was pretty excited to try it.Korean beauty products are often raved about online.

Now unto the product itself, it comes in two shades: moisture and silky . I got the Silky because it’s supposed to be geared towards oily skin, and the shade itself is light with a yellow undertone.The moisturizing is more pinky in tone, which doesn’t fit me, and I’m guessing it’s not meant for combo and oily skin, since it’s moisturizing.
The texture itself is a bit thick, the shade is a perfect match although if you apply too much of it it can make you look like a ghost lol. Which I guess is the purpose, because Korean beauty is all about that pasty look.
So I don’t apply too much of it. I also don’t need to powder it since even though it has a bit of a dewy/natural finish, it’s not too oily, and it sets on its own. I still use a setting spray regardless.And it does provide a decent amount of coverage.
So so far so good,but here’s the catch: I think it breaks me out a little. Nothing too major, just I noticed that I get one or two zits when I use it, maybe because the product is a bit heavy?

Either way it’s a bit disappointing, since while I can understand that some foundations can break you out, I definitely don’t feel the same about BB creams. It’s called Blemish Balm after all and most BB creams make claims that are they’re supposed to be geared towards acne prone skin etc. Actually more and more I feel like BB creams are counterproductive at least on my skin. I feel like my skin behaves better when I don’t use too much products on it, but since BB creams don’t provide much coverage you’re forced to spot conceal if you have acne. So on top of the BB, you have to use concealer and maybe even powder if the cream is too dewy. So you’re actually using more products on your face compared to maybe just using a foundation with higher coverage, or just the concealer which I’ve been doing lately.

Regardless I’m still planning to use it because I don’t like waste I guess,and only for those days when I like to have more coverage. I’ll also try to use it combined with my cream that contains salicylic acid, maybe that could help with the pimples.


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