Are beauty gurus really trustworthy?

I thought I would do something different for a change.

Just like 90% of people who are into makeup,and watch Youtube, I follow quite a few beauty gurus online. But lately I’ve been wondering if it’s really helpful, and if the opinions expressed by beauty gurus are really genuine, or just helpful.

Because as it stands out, each person has a different skin, and what might work for someone might not work for someone else. And even the products that are often raved about might not work so good on me, because not only do I have combo skin, but it’s also acne prone and sensitive too I feel. So more and more I feel like the recommandations of said beauty gurus don’t really work well for me.

Then there is the issue of them being really trustworthy, which for me is much more important. Basically a beauty guru might be tempted to push forward a certain product not just because they might be sponsored, but maybe also because they received it as PR. And while it’s normally the case that they can still give their honest review on a PR product, there are instances of brands that might drop someone from their PR list after a bad review. Without naming any, I’m sure you can find plenty of examples of that online.

So the question is, are beauty gurus pressured to give good reviews not just because they’re sponsored, but also out of fear of being dropped of the PR lists of certain brands who simply can’t take an honest review, even if it’s bad?

While there isn’t much proof of that, I find myself always wondering if I should trust whatever the beauty gurus say, especially when considering the fact that it might not work for me anyway.

While I think the work of beauty gurus is important, especially when they raise more awareness about indie and lesser known brands, I don’t especially find that their opinion matters too much. I believe that each person should be free to do their makeup the way they want, even if it’s not the commonly accepted “professional” way. And because we’re all different, we all have a different skin and different needs, what may work for them might not work for you. So I’m really less inclined to follow what beauty gurus say, and I’m more about experimenting with different products by myself and figure out what works best for me.


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