Make up Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow palette- Flawless Matte 2 review

Hello everyone. I’m back with a new review.

This time it’s a MUR palette. More specifically, the 32 eyeshadow palette titled Flawless Matte 2.

As the name suggests it is an all Matte eyeshadow palette.I prefer matte shadows in general, I have hooded eyes and shimmery shadows tend to get everywhere on my eyes. And they’re less useful imo since you can’t really put them into your crease (well you can it’s just not ideal).

And I daresay it is the first eyeshadow palette from MUR that I got my hands on some 3 months ago. So the expectations were rather high since I heard a lot of positive feedback about MUR and their palettes, which are often exact dupes to high end palettes.Literally that is the thing Makeup Revolution (MUR for short) are known for, and they dupe pretty much everything.

By looking at the color selection it is pretty easy to guess why I decided to get this one.It’s a mix of neutral, warm and even cool shades, but truth be told I got it mainly for the warm orange shades.

I was also intrigued by the navy blue shade simply called Matte, which is something that I never use. Overall I think this is a pretty versatile palette, since even though the warm orangey shades are quite trendy, you get a good amount of shadows that you can use for more natural or neutral looks, both cool and warm, but also surprinsingly some plum shades, a blue, but also some greys which you can all use to create more cool or smokey looks.

The packaging is quite sleek, it’s plastic but it seems sturdy and I just love the combination of black and rose gold lettering. It comes with a pretty big mirror, which is quite handy if you want to do a look on the go and don’t have a mirror in front of you.

The first thing that threw me off a little when I got my hands on the palette was the fact that the eyeshadow pans are tiny! They look much bigger on pictures. However with 32 eyeshadows, and some shades being similar it is doubtful that you’ll run out of all shades. Maybe a few, but I don’t think it really is a huge disadvantage.It definitely is more about variety rather than amount of product, and the palette is rather compact which imo works well if you’re planning to go on a trip or something. It won’t take a lot of space in your make up bag.

When it comes to the quality of the shadows themselves, I would say they’re pretty good. In fact some of the shadows are buttery, and not at all dry.Which if you know anything about makeup at the drugstore, it is pretty damn hard to achieve. Typically I find that is the case for the darker shades. They’re all extremely soft to the touch, which can sometimes translate into them being rather powdery. I find that is the case with the plum/violet shades, I definitely exprience some fallout with them. But the color payoff is actually quite good, in fact they’re extremely pigmented, which is the case with the orange shades. You definitely need to use a light hand with those…or you can use a heavy hand whichever you like.
Some of the lighter shades like Flaw (white color) and Less (pink) don’t show very well on my skin. I would say they’re powdery and not very pigmented, but for the rest I would say everything shows well and blends easily.

I initially was only interested in the orange shades, but I find myself reaching more and more for the neutrals, because they’re quite good and they’re very varied in terms of tone. Which allows to easily do a cool or more warm neutral look depending on your preferrence or mood.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with this palette. For its price and the quality of the shadows which is mostly consistent, I think this is the perfect matte palette that has some trendy shades (for summer or even fall) but also some more neutral and everyday colors. If you’re on the hunt for a matte palette and you’re just beginning in makeup, or just want to try a few different shades but don’t feel like investing in something too expensive, I would highly recommand getting the Flawless Matte 2 which as it stands is quite versatile in terms of how many look you can create with it. Of course it being completely matte limits your options in terms of finishes, so you’ll have to pair it with other palettes that contains shimmers, but since my own preferrence goes to matte shadows I can definitely work with just this palette, without pairing it with other palettes or shadows that I own.
Hope you found this review useful and stay tunned for more reviews.:)


Drugstore mini haul 1

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?Just busy with life and stuff. Hope you’re all doing well.:)

I’m back with something a bit different. I thought I would share the items I hauled today at the drugstore.

Nothing too fancy, just some items I thought I really needed ( which is probably untrue since I’m addicted to makeup).

First item on the list is a foundation. I don’t wear foundations a lot, and I usually use BB creams or just my trusty concealer, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind which I’m absolutely in love with. But every now and then I do feel like doing a full face of makeup, and that’s why I was on the hunt for a new foundation. So far I’ve been using the Wet n Wild Coverall, which does an ok job, since the Photofocus foundation is still not available where I live (oh god why?).

So after watching what felt like 100 videos on Youtube to find a pretty decent foundation at the drugstore, I ended up going for the Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation. The review is coming up for that one.

Next is a brow product. I have rather bushy brows that don’t need to be filled too much, which I realize is somewhat of a blessing. Thankfully I didn’t overpluck my eyebrows when I was younger. But they still get messy, so I wanted a quick solution that could add some tint, while making them stay in place, and preferrably in one step so I can get out of the door more quickly. So I went for a rather basic product, the Essence colour & shape eyebrow gel in the Shade brown. And from what I can tell it is a good shade match, hopefully it will keep my eyebrow hairs in place. I’ll keep you updated on that.
UPDATE: Yes it does keep my brow hairs in place, hurray. The finish is also pretty natural, so thumbs up for that.

And finally another Essence product, and of course it had to be a lip product. It’s the Matt Matt Matt lipstick in the shade Perfect match, which I’m gonna go ahead and say it is a perfect match for me (badumtss). I was looking for an everyday pink nude color, that was matt yet still comfortable. It also has a mauve undertone to it which is exactly what I was looking for. Still bummed that I haven’t found Wow effect, it must be a rather popular shade for it to run out of stock. The formula is quite creamy, creamier than the Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks which I’m rather fond of. But the staying power doesn’t look to be as great as those. Still I’m not mad since I really find that the Megalast lippies dry my lips.
The only issue I have with it, other than the staying power, is the scent which I find to be too strong and overpowering. I’m currently trying to descent it.

And earlier this month I also got a MUR eyeshadow palette. The review for that one and a previous palette are in the works so stay tunned for that. 🙂


Liquid lipstick review


Hey guys, hope you’re having a wonderful week.
Today I’m finally going to put up my review of two liquid lipsticks. Those are the Sleek Matt me in Shabby chic, and the I heart makeup/Makeup Revolution Lip lava in the shade Forgiven.

The first I got some time ago, but I haven’t really been on board the matte lipstick bandwagon. I’m more of a creamy lipstick kind of gal. But I thought I would give liquid lipsticks a try, to really see what the fuss was about.

I chose Shabby chic which is a pinkish purple kind of color. I love purple lipsticks, and It can look completely purple on me but not too dark. I was weirded out by the formula at first, because it really felt like the moisture was getting sucked out of my lips, or like small needles digging into them.So I wasn’t really impressed by it at first, in fact I outright hated it , not to mention that the color looked much darker on my lips, which I get with most lipsticks. I also find that this formula while it gives that powdery feel, it does accentuate fine lines a lot, it can look very crusty.
The second time I applied it I went to eat lunch, and I found to my surpise that this doesn’t last on the lips at all after eating and drinking. So you’ll have to reapply it.I would say it doesn’t layer too badly, but it’s hardly practical.

After those first couple of times where I felt like this product had failed to meet my expectations, I decided to put it away, but I recently rediscovered it. And I don’t know if it’s because it’s been opened for a while, or if I got more used to matte lipsticks in general, it felt way less drying. In fact it felt really nice on the lips. Which really surprised me. I find it much more comfortable now, and while it still can look cracked, it is a decent matte lipstick that doesn’t completely dry out my lips.

So it’s a bit of a rediscovery for me.

Next is the Lip lava from I heart Makeup (or Makeup Revolution same thing) , which is more of a creamy/shiny liquid lipstick. It does feel like it settles and doesn’t move around as much as a creamy lipstick, but it doesn’t dry completely, and you can still redisperse the product by smacking your lips together. The shade I got is Forgiven which is a brownish nude color. The lipstick is shiny as I said, and overall it’s a very comfortable formula. Which makes it in my eyes an ideal everyday liquid lipstick, if you don’t want a matte finish per say.

I’m definitely liking this formula, and looking to get all the other shades since it’s so affordable.

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommand the Lip lava if you want something you can easily wear everyday, that isn’t too drying. While I do like the Sleek one, and the shade, I wouldn’t wear it on an everyday basis, and I need to compare it with other matte liquid lipsticks to really find out if it’s a good formula, which is pretty rare at the drugstore.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer review

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I did a review.
Today I’ll be reviewing the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, which is a product that is raved about on Youtube.
I got it in the shade Neutralizer.

The concealer is one of those that come with a sponge applicator that don’t seem to be very sanitary, but according to Maybelline, the sponge is coated with products that fights bacteria, so fair enough.
I’m still debating if I should get rid of the sponge and apply it with a brush.

It takes a while the first time to get the product to get on the sponge, I had to twist it for a good 5 minutes. The product comes out not too thick or too light, it’s just the right texture for me.

The shade I got is as the name suggests supposed to neutralize dark circles, which is why it is slightly yellow. While I don’t find it erases all my dark circles, it does neutralize them quite a bit, more than a regular concealer, since it has a yellow tint. But my dark circles are rather pronounced, which is why I would use a peach corrector, from the Wet n Wild corrector palette, if I were to want them completely gone. That one works for me.

I find that with the Instant Age Rewind it does cake up a bit if I apply too much of it. Unlike on Youtube where you see people slapping huge amount of it under their eyes, I think it works better for me when I don’t apply too much of it, and a little goes a long way too. It does cover most of my circles, albeit it doesn’t make them disappear completely, and I have yet to find a product that does that.

Overall I’m quite happy with my purchase, I find that the hype about this product is mostly justified. For its price and what it does, it definitely is one of the best concealers at the drugstore. I haven’t tried the Fit me concealer but it’s also supposedly very good, and I am always on the hunt for a good concealer since not only is it not always easy to find one, at least for me, but I also run out of them pretty quickly since I do use them to spot conceal.


Baby face It’s skin BB cream review: the cutest BB cream


Hello beauties.
Today I’ll be reviewing the cutest BB cream you’ll ever find, the Baby Face It’s skin BB cream, in the shade Silky.
I have a long history with BB creams, in fact it’s what I used when I got my first acne breakeout at the age of 25. I tried a bunch of them, but only a few stuck with me, but for a while now I haven’t used any.
My first BB cream was the Catrice one, and I gotta say that one is atrocious. It will make you break out, even if you don’t have acne, since my sister also used it and she ended up with pimples on her forehead. I would say it’s not suited for combo/oily skin.
Then I tried the Maybelline one and it was my go to product for the longest time. It’s an ok product, but nothing too groundbreaking. At least it didn’t make me breakout. Then I tried the L’oreal one, and I just gotta say it’s not great, unless you want to look orange even if you’re the lightest shade.The coverage is also not great, but that’s usually the case with most BB creams.But I do find it’s a tad more gimmicky since it comes off white from the tube and is supposed to match your skin once it melts, but even then it’s still too dark and orange for me.

So I was left to look up for a new BB cream, since it’s summer I want something more lightweight that can provide some coverage for those days when I’m actually wearing makeup. So I looked up online for the longest time, but the It’s skin BB cream quickly grabbed my attention. I’ll admit that I did buy it partially for the packaging.

I mean look at that, isn’t that the cutest packaging ever? It definitely has that kawaii vibe going on, and I even kept the outer part with the wings. And it’s a Korean product to boot with, so I was pretty excited to try it.Korean beauty products are often raved about online.

Now unto the product itself, it comes in two shades: moisture and silky . I got the Silky because it’s supposed to be geared towards oily skin, and the shade itself is light with a yellow undertone.The moisturizing is more pinky in tone, which doesn’t fit me, and I’m guessing it’s not meant for combo and oily skin, since it’s moisturizing.
The texture itself is a bit thick, the shade is a perfect match although if you apply too much of it it can make you look like a ghost lol. Which I guess is the purpose, because Korean beauty is all about that pasty look.
So I don’t apply too much of it. I also don’t need to powder it since even though it has a bit of a dewy/natural finish, it’s not too oily, and it sets on its own. I still use a setting spray regardless.And it does provide a decent amount of coverage.
So so far so good,but here’s the catch: I think it breaks me out a little. Nothing too major, just I noticed that I get one or two zits when I use it, maybe because the product is a bit heavy?

Either way it’s a bit disappointing, since while I can understand that some foundations can break you out, I definitely don’t feel the same about BB creams. It’s called Blemish Balm after all and most BB creams make claims that are they’re supposed to be geared towards acne prone skin etc. Actually more and more I feel like BB creams are counterproductive at least on my skin. I feel like my skin behaves better when I don’t use too much products on it, but since BB creams don’t provide much coverage you’re forced to spot conceal if you have acne. So on top of the BB, you have to use concealer and maybe even powder if the cream is too dewy. So you’re actually using more products on your face compared to maybe just using a foundation with higher coverage, or just the concealer which I’ve been doing lately.

Regardless I’m still planning to use it because I don’t like waste I guess,and only for those days when I like to have more coverage. I’ll also try to use it combined with my cream that contains salicylic acid, maybe that could help with the pimples.


Makeup Revolution: Blush Goddess palette review


I’m back with a new palette to review, this time a blush palette.

I’m not really that huge on blushes, and I somehow always apply them with a heavy hand. But I have to admit that this palette really spoke to me, not so much because of the blushes (who are beautiful btw) but because of the highlighters.

Yep, this palette contains 4 highlighters, and 4 matte blushes which is great. I always prefer the matte blushes over the shimmery ones. This is a gorgeous palette, the quality of the highlighters and the blushes is pretty good.

Let’s start with the highlighters. The highlighters vary in terms of intensity, and I find they suit everyone’s needs. Whether you like a very intense highlighter, or a more natural looking one, this palette has your needs covered.
The leftmost one is a nice beige highlight that is subtle, but definitely shows on the skin. I feel like this is the most wearable one, especially if you’re going for a more subtle and natural looking glow. The second and third highlighters are definitely more intense,the second is pink and the third is golden, and I feel both are geared more towards those beauties who like their highlighter to pop. And lastly the one far to the right is similar in tone to the the one on the far left, but it’s even less intense than that one. I feel like it gives more of a wet skin finish, that’s my least favourite shade out of the bunch.

The blushes are extremely good, they’re nicely pigmented and there’s enough variety in terms of shade. They’re not too pigmented like some drugstore blushes, so you don’t have to worry about going too heavy handed. It’s just the right amount of pigmentation for my taste. The shades range from orange to coral shades, in fact my favourite blush atm is the one of the far right, which is a very nice coral shade.I feel it’s very appropriate for this season.

Overall I can’t recommand this palette enough, if like me you’re new to the highlighter game and want to try a few highlighters and blushes without ruining yourself.And despite this being my first Makeup Revolution palette period I find the quality to be pretty decent, or just outstanding for the price. It certainly gives you a lot of options to try out.


Lip palettes review


Today I’ll be reviewing two lip palettes from the drugstore.

Since I’m a lipstick fiend the thought of having a palette with multiple shades of lipstick almost seems like a no brainer. I usually wear nude shades(that and purples) ,so I picked up a lip palette that is centered around nudes, but since spring is here I also decided to pick up something more colorful.

The first palette I’ll talk about is the Sleek lip 4 palette , in the shade Siren. This is a really colorful palette as you can tell, made of orange tones.

siren (1).jpg

You got some deeper ones and also one that almost feels like a nude, but these are highly pigmented.One layer gives you a good wash of color, and you can use it as such if you want a more natural look.
I love the formula on this one, the lipstick is very creamy while giving a matte finish for most shades.The lip brush is not ideal though, it’s too tiny for my taste.It doesn’t smell of anything in particular which I like. I also like the packaging,I love Sleek’s very black and “sleek” packaging.
It’s a pretty good deal if you consider the price (around 9 pounds in the UK) and the amount of shades you get here .I would totally pick up another one of these, but they are hard to find, I was initially going for Ballet but it was out of stock at my local beauty vendor.

The second palette is by l’Oreal, the Color riche palette in the shade Nude. This one is rather pricey for a drugstore brand, but you get 6 shades in here instead of 4 with Sleek.

I have mixed feelings on this one, and I’m still testing it out to get a better use out of it.
Let’s talk about the things I like. The idea behind it is pretty interesting, since I love nude shades but wasn’t able to this day to find my perfect nude shade in a regular lipstick tube . With this palette you could make your custom shade by mixing in two or more colors.You can also use it to make ombre lips, but I find that there isn’t enough differentiation between the shades to get a really good result. The packaging is really nice, almost feels luxurious and the mirror is rather big. The applicator is slightly better than the Sleek one imo, but either way I prefer to use a lip brush.

Now what I don’t love about this palette is that I find that the colors are too subtle (at least on me), except for the one or two shades, the darker ones.There isn’t a lot of differenciation between the colors as I said previously, some shades really do look similar on my lips. The texture also feels almost oily to me. And the smell is rather overwhelming, it smeels of old makeup-y scent, not a huge fan. If you have a sensitive nose like me then you’ll definitely be bothered by the scent.
I think it’s a bit overpriced for the quality that you get and for something that’s supposed to be from the drugstore, especially where I live with all the taxes… The wear isn’t great, so you’ll have to re-apply it, which is the whole purpose I guess.

So while I like the practicality of it, I’m not wowed by the actual product. You’d prolly be better off buying the nude palette from Sleek (Ballet) imo.

Overall really impressed by the Sleek palette,even though it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Obviously I’m not that impressed by the l’Oreal one, but I’ll still use it regardless, because I sure love nude shades, especially for an everyday look.

What are some of the lip palettes you tried, drugstore or not? Let me know in the comments.:)


My quick face routine

Hi guys, I thought I would start by talking about my face routine, which is going to be centered on foundation mostly. I’ll talk about my acne in a dedicated post.

Lately I haven’t been really wanting to “cake” my face, if that makes sense. If I want to go do some groceries or something like that, I just want to conceal my acne scars and even my tone, without putting tons of products on my face. And it’s just more practical, that way I can get ready in 15 minutes, instead of spending I dunno an hour to do a full face of makeup.
So after I cleaned and moisturized my face, I just go in with my concealer, to hide my dark circles and acne scars, and the occasional pimples on my face. I just use a drugstore concealer, the one I use mostly is the Bell one, and I just bought this camouflage cream from Essence, so I’m currently testing it out.

It’s very affordable makeup as you can prolly tell. Then I usually go on with a powder to set the concealer, and just even my tone. The powder I’m using right now is also from Essense, it’s the mattifying powder in the shade light beige.

Essence products are great and dirt cheap although they might be a bit hard to find. Along with their sister brand Catrice they are some of my favourite brands at the drugstore, and very affordable too. They would give a run for their money to more pricey drugstore brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal.

I may put on some blush, some of my favorite blushes are from Catrice with their defining blush line. But I’m also loving the Essence All in one bronzing highlighter, in the shade Brunette (darker skin).

As the name suggests it is a all in one palette, with a bronzer, blush and highlighter. The bronzer is a bit shimmery, but it’s barely visible on the skin and I just think it gives a very natural finish, and with spring here I’m definitely digging the natural vibe as a whole, and going for peach/coral colors.

I may put some eyeshadow on my lids, usually one that is that is similar to my skin color.For that I find that the shade Cappucino from the Sleek Au naturel palette works best for me. It does give a nice wash of color while still looking pretty natural for my skin tone which is fair/light with a yellow undertone.The Au naturel palette is as the name suggests all about that natural look, although you can still smoke it out with some of the darker shades. It’s just better to prime your eyelids though since the colors can fade quite quickly, at least on me.

I may skip using mascara,even though I just bought a new one, the Lash Princess volume mascara from Essence (again). But I can’t go out without doing my eyebrows. My brows are already full, but they get quite messy, so I always have to set them with something. Currently I’m reaching for two products, the brow liner from Yves Rocher and the Wet n Wild brow kit. In both cases I still have to go with the wax so my brows won’t become a mess.

And finally I just add some very light touch of color to the lips, either a nude lipstick like some of the Megalast line from Wet n Wild , or just put on the Cherry lip balm from Yves Rocher, and I’m good to go.

Oh and to just make things less powdery setting your face with a setting spray is a good idea. It also makes your makeup last longer. A really cheap one at the drugstore that I’m using is the Elf makeup mist and set, the mister isn’t great so you have to really apply it far from your face, but it does feel like it makes my makeup last longer, while also making everything just look better.

So that’s it, you don’t have to do a full face on an everyday basis imo, and this routine has really helped me just get out from home faster, especially if I’m on a hurry.